Hillary Clinton

More “Hillary for Prison” Signs than for President?

If you are paying attention to this election cycle, you may have become familiar with the chant “lock her up” or seen the “Hillary for Prison” signs spread far and wide across the fruited plain.

I live in southwest Virginia.  A stronghold for traditional conservative beliefs.  There are more Trump signs then Hillary signs no doubt.  But what I also find interesting is how many “Hillary for Prison” signs decorate the landscape.

But now, especially after the FBI dropped the bombshell that they are reopening the investigation into the former Secretary of States illegal server, “Hillary for Prison” signs are popping up everywhere.

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For example, at game five of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, a huge handmade sign touting “Hillary for Prison” can clearly be seen right behind the commentator’s box.

Mark Dice, believes this is the most popular slogan of this election cycle.  He makes a valid point in the video below with one exception.  The most popular campaign slogan has to be “Make America Great Again!”  Coming in at a close second is more than likely “Hillary for Prison” or “Lock Her Up.”

What about Hillary’s campaign slogan?  Well, no one really knows what it is or even what it means.  It just kind of hangs there like wet, cold spaghetti noodles.

Seriously, ask your family and friends if they know what “Stronger Together” is a reference to or if they have a clue as to its meaning.  I bet more than half have no idea.  It is a lame slogan for a lame candidate.

All of this, coupled with the revelation that the FBI is reopening the investigation into her conduct as Obama’s Secretary of State has got to have Hillary singing the blues.

In fact, CNN (Clinton News Network) did an article talking about how the renewed investigation put Hillary in a bad mood. And then they try to deflect responsibility off Hillary and blame someone else.  See article below.


But Hillary has no one to blame but herself.  It’s not Anthony (The Weiner) Weiner’s fault.  It’s not the Republican’s or Donald Trump’s fault.  It’s not George W. Bush’s fault.  In fact, you can’t even blame Huma Abedin!

Harry S. Truman famously noted, “the buck stops here” meaning the responsibility for something cannot or should not be passed to someone else.

Blaming others is a lesson Hillary, and for that matter, Bill, need to learn.  During the three decades of their crooked careers, they have pointed the finger at everyone else instead of themselves.  And this may be the primary reason the “Hillary for Prison” sign is one of the most popular campaign slogans of the 2016 Presidential election.  People are just fed-up!

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