Hillary as President would be a Foreign Policy Disaster!


Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) has penned a scathing op-ed that lays out a terrific argument that Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead our nation because of her terrible judgment on foreign policy.

In fact, Hoekstra explains that while the DNC would like everyone to focus on Donald Trump personality, it’s simply a trick to distract the nation from Hillary’s terrible track record. Why, Hoekstra asks, would Russia prefer President Trump to President Clinton when Russia has reemerged as the most influential nation on the planet during the Obama-Clinton era?

The truth is that Russia surged in global influence from the day Barack Obama assumed the presidency and appointed Hillary Clinton as secretary of State. Their strategy of “leading from behind” enabled the Russian bear to forcefully assert itself in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Russia filled a void created by the lack of U.S. leadership and a lack of support for American allies around the world. It thrust itself into EgyptSyria and even parts of Iraqas it expanded its sphere of influence over the past seven years, in addition to its belligerence in Ukraine.

Putin most certainly would hope for a Clinton presidency and the extension of Obama’s policies, giving him another four years of nearly unrestrained aggression. It would offer more opportunity compared to a Trump administration, whose “America First” platform would guide its foreign policy…

Hoekstra also goes on to explain that this isn’t just a Clinton problem, it’s a Democrat Party problem. The entire party has been corrupted by their leaderships desire for power. Corrupted to the extent that they willfully endanger the American people, and our security, in their efforts to hide their corruption and maintain and grow their power.

More than 2,000 of those emails Clinton originally turned over to the State Department contained classified information, including nearly two dozen top-secret emails exchanged with three senior aides. While using the unauthorized private email system for her sensitive government work, Clinton was a member of the committee that approved the transfer of a U.S. uranium company to Russia while investors in the deal contributed money to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton also received $500,000 from a Kremlin-backed investment bank for a speech.

We still don’t know all the details of what information passed through Clinton’s server, but the DNC scandal highlights the significant damage that losing control of even much less sensitive information can cause…


The DNC doesn’t want you to pay attention to any of this because if any rational person takes just a few moments to consider the evidence, the only logical conclusion they can arrive at is that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are a danger to our nation. The DNC and the media are covering up for the many sins, crimes, corruptions, and inadequacies within the Democrat Party, and in so doing, they hope to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency in November. Hoekstra hopes the America people will see through the ploy and recognize the truth – the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton in particular are bad for America.

The DNC’s carelessness endangered its party, its leadership and its fall campaign. More importantly, Clinton’s recklessness endangers the U.S.

That’s why the DNC propaganda machine is blaring full force. They desperately need voters to focus on who might have hacked the Democrats rather than the irresponsibility of a nominee and a political party that left the door wide open to hackers.


Read Hoekstra’s entire op-ed at USA Today, and then share it with Hillary voters. Hopefully it will wake them up to the HUGE mistake that they are making.

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