Hillary Clinton is a Pathological Liar

A pathological liar is someone who frequently lies and often believes their lies to be the truth once spoken. I know someone who is a pathological liar and it’s very sad.

The moment she tells a lie, that becomes her truth. Her memories of past events are warped and distorted. She was once recorded during a confrontation and during that confrontation, she contradicted herself in a five-minute period. When called on it, she denied saying the opposite thing just a short time earlier. When the recording was played back, she denied it was her and said the tape was of someone else. I’m convinced that if she was given a lie detector test that she would pass it with flying colors because she believes all of her lies to be her new truth.

Does this describe Hillary Clinton? I believe so.

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Take Hillary’s email scandal. How many different accounts or excuses has Hillary given?

As investigators tried to comb through the emails she was forced to release, they first reported finding two emails that contained classified information. When the news was released to the public, Hillary again stated she didn’t knowingly send any that were marked classified.

Another report claims that investigators have marked 60 emails that contain classified information and once again, Hillary goes on record saying:

“The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified or send material marked classified.”

Through the entire scandal, Clinton swore time and again that she never received or sent any classified information, but investigators have found that she had received information that was deemed to be classified on more than one occasion.

After that revelation was made public, Hillary again swore that she never ever sent any classified information via her personal email. I wonder what she’s going to say now after the latest revelation made public by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Gowdy, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, said that Clinton received an email on March 18, 2011 from longtime Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal to her personal account that contained very sensitive information that Blumenthal had received from a former high-level CIA official identifying a CIA top Libyan intelligence source.

According to former CIA officer John Maguire, the nature of the sensitive information should have raised a red flag with Clinton indicating that the information should have been marked as classified. However, Clinton then forwarded the email on to a colleague via her personal email account/server.

In just the past couple weeks after the State Department said that her use of a private server was illegal and against State Department regulations, Hillary went on record as saying that she did nothing wrong because others had done the same thing before. When I heard that, I instantly thought of how so many parents hear that excuse from their kids and generally reply asking if others jumped off a bridge, would they also jump off a bridge.

Over the past couple years since the email scandal erupted, Hillary has given one excuse after another and her story has changed more than once.

What about Benghazi? Hillary first supported the lame excuse that the attack was caused by a little known anti-Muhammed video made in some guy’s garage. Not long afterward she denied ever supporting that excuse, but she said she had no knowledge of the attack for several hours after it started.

Iowa Republican Rep Steve King said that he was present at a closed-door classified briefing with Hillary in attendance.  He said he cannot divulge what was said at that meeting, but did say that what she told in the briefing was a lie and she knew it was a lie.  According to King:

“I will just tell you that the administration’s officials told the same lies to members of Congress in a classified setting that they told the public five times on Sunday.”

“We know that’s false.  On top of that, we know they knew it was false. They knew within three hours that it was a calculated, strategized attack by an organized enemy on that compound and that annex in Benghazi.”

When asked how King knows that Hillary is lying, he responded:

“Because, I heard her with my own ears.”

When asked if she had any foreknowledge of the Benghazi attack, Hillary said no and that if she had any knowledge of an impending attack she would have taken action to protect Ambassador Stevens and the compound.

Thanks to Judicial Watch, we have concrete proof that both the State Department and Defense Department knew about the Benghazi attack 10 days in advance. Using the Freedom of Information Act, they were able to obtain over 100 pages from the two departments that were classified as ‘secret’. According to Judicial Watch:

“A Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group ‘to kill as many Americans as possible.’  The document was sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council.  The heavily redacted Defense Department ‘information report’ says that the attack on the Benghazi facility ‘was planned and executed by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR).’  The group subscribes to ‘AQ ideologies:’”

“The attack was planned ten or more days prior on approximately 01 September 2012. The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for U.S. killing of Aboyahiye1 in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.”

Obama and Clinton lied to everyone about Benghazi and knowingly left Ambassador Stevens and his staff under protected. They ignored Stevens requests for more security and they ignored their intelligence reports indicating that the attack was coming. In my book that makes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton complicit to the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, Security Officers and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. They need to be held accountable for their roles in the deaths of these four brave Americans.

Additionally, they lied to us about the danger of ISIS back in 2012 and they lied to us and covered up the fact that they were shipping arms to rebel forces in Syria.

I believe the worst lie Hillary told concerning Benghazi was when she lied to the parents of the Benghazi victims. On September 14, 2012 President Obama spoke at a ceremony to welcome home the remains of the four victims. At that ceremony, Pat Smith, mother of Sean, had a chance to speak with Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They all promised to tell her the truth about what happened to her son and how he died. She even cried on Obama’s shoulder as everyone kept telling her to trust them and they would tell her as soon as they knew anything.

A month later, Pat Smith was still waiting to hear what happened to her son. No one from the Obama administration has given her the slightest hint of how her son died. She feels betrayed by Obama, Panetta, Biden and Clinton. They all promised to tell her and none of them have kept their promise. Pat feels that they were merely placating her out of duty and really could care less about her and how she feels.

A year later, Pat Smith and Charles Wood, whose son Navy SEAL Tyrone Wood was also killed at Benghazi, still had heard nothing from Clinton, Obama, Biden or Obama about what exactly happened to their sons. How does anyone knowingly lie to a grieving parent? That, in my opinion, is the lowest of the low.

These are only a few of the many examples of Hillary Clinton lying to individuals, Congress and the American people. Her track record strongly suggests to me that she could well be a pathological liar and as such has no business being a leader of the United States or anything else. If anything, she should be institutionalized and treated for her mental illness condition that causes her to be a pathological liar and 100% unbelievable.


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