Hillary Clinton

Hillary Panders to Progressives with Pathetic Putin Comparisons

Hillary Clinton certainly does not know when enough is enough, as evidenced by her recent, classless return to the media stage.

Clinton, who was so dumbstruck by her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election that she didn’t even write a concession speech, has emerged from her Chappaqua, New York cocoon with a new book.  The tense tome, hilariously titled What Happened, is Clinton’s own diagnosis of her immense and embarrassing failure during the 2016 presidential election.

In the critically panned pages of What Happened, Clinton exudes all of the tact of a jilted 6th grade brat, blaming any number of friends and foes for her disastrous demise.  Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are both targets in the book, while the former First Lady completely glosses over the Wikileaks revelations of DNC collusion and her assistance in cheating during the debates.

Now, as the nation comes to grips with threats from North Korea and the classless actions of the NFL’s overpaid children, Hillary is out on her soapbox continuing to undermine and delegitimize the President, while also attempting to sell more copies of her literary trash.  Her latest attempt to disparage The Donald came complete with a comparison to Russian rabble-rouser Vladimir Putin.

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“During a conversation with Charlie Rose, she compared Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relationship with Trump has particularly drawn scrutiny from Democrats and the media. Clinton discussed her ideas on Trump’s view of democracy, saying she ‘hopes’ the president is not exactly like Putin in every way.

‘”I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie,’ Clinton said.

“‘He doesn’t value democracy?’ Rose asked. ‘So he’s not a “democrat,” little “d?”‘

Clinton replied, ‘No, he’s not, he’s a top-down guy.’

“‘He’s an authoritarian?’ Rose asked.

“‘He has tendencies toward authoritarianism,’ Clinton answered.

“‘So, he’s no different than Putin?’ Rose asked.

“‘Well, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,’ Clinton replied.”

This despicable wordplay demonstrates the sinful swerving of semantics that the democrats are so proficient at.

Clinton, who has certainly created a soundbite for herself in this interview, is a careful wordsmith at times, wholly giving the impression that she believes it is possible to compare Trump to Putin with a clever panache and plausible deniability.  What Clinton doesn’t take into account, however, is the President’s ability to respond in real time via Twitter, rendering her political savvy less than effective against the truth bombs of the businessman-turned-leader.

It may be time to open the Twitter app, pop some popcorn, and start hitting refresh.

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