Hillary and Obama Can’t Say Radical Islam – But I Can Say the Odious Word Liberal

Hillary and Obama Can’t Say Radical Islam – But I Can Say the Odious Word Liberal



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If you pulled the brains out of three liberals’ heads would you be able to juggle with them?


Doubtful. Fun is fun but they are too soft and the liquid of collusion drips from their skulls.  The cross bones are their deceit.


Liberals will gather together in a giant empty-headed brain and think about how good they are when they are self-centered as hookers.


Liberals will destroy their neighbors while helping their enemies because they believe in diversity more than helping their own.


Liberals look down on conservatives who believe in tradition because they hate themselves and actually want to escape from their traditions.


Liberals steal for the Clinton Foundation and only give 9 per cent to charity.


They steal profitable non-profits.  Lunches to negotiate nothing but the arrogance of charity.


Liberals like Bill screw Haiti and ask how it feels?


Liberals abort, release criminals and think they are superior to people with values.


I hate liberals for hating me for being better than them.


Liberals like to turn criminals free so they can feel good about themselves while the criminals recede into victimization.


Liberals protest against racism so much that they are racists.  Pure vanilla Hillary is a leader of Black Lives Matter.


If I were a liberal I would grow up and become a conservative.  I would be Winston Churchill.  I’d develop brains.


Liberals steal what’s yours and give it to whose it’s not in order to gain the favor of the have-nots.


They denounce war as they back us into them. Obama leading from behind. Red lines like makeup on a drag queen.


They let men marry each other to make a joke out of love and reproduction.


Liberal is the wrong name for people who want to constrict opinions that surround them like pinwheels.


It’s a fireworks show.  Our values exploding in suicide vests and sky rockets.

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