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Hillary Makes Obscene and Morally Bankrupt “Jokes” in New Interview

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Hillary Clinton, likely still bitter from her abhorrent performance during the 2016 presidential election, has taken her crass schtick to a new level this week.

In the moments following the announcement of Donald Trump’s victory over the democratic diva in early November, Clinton became completely, and publicly, unhinged.  Not only did the former First Lady reportedly assault her campaign manager in an alcohol-induced rage after hearing the news, but Hillary hadn’t even written a concession speech, forcing her to postpone the customary send off until the next day.  Instead of handing the reigns of power to Trump peacefully, Clinton fueled speculation about a challenge to the results by stalling the speech, causing further chaos in an already tumultuous election.

Now, as she continues on the publicity tour for her recent flop of a book, hilariously titled What Happened, Clinton has taken her sales pitch overseas where her behavior has come more than a bit concerning.

In an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Clinton’s crass mouth got her into trouble once again after the doomed democrat made jokes at the expense of George H.W. Bush’s health, and used profanity to describe Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“Hillary was asked about attending Trump’s inauguration, and she claims she and Bill tried to get out of it — a statement that contradicts what she said only days ago.

“’I really tried to get out of going,’ she said. ‘I was going not as the candidate or as the opponent, but as a former first lady.’

“She said it’s tradition for Republican and Democratic former presidents and first ladies appear, but acknowledged she wanted to break that.

“’So we thought may others aren’t going. So we called the Bushes and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate,’ she said, triggering laughs from the audience.

“She then acknowledged that George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter both said they were going.

“’So Bill and I looked at each other and said, “Well, we gotta go,”‘ Hillary said.

“She said she was ‘so sad’ Trump’s speech wasn’t an ‘outreach.’

“’It was reported George W. Bush, as it ends, said, “That was some weird shit,”‘ she said, triggering more laughs.”

Clinton is desperately trying to look like the “cool” grandmother to the millennials whom she had pinned her entire campaign on, and it’s beginning to feel more than slightly pathetic.

Should the former Secretary of State foolishly attempt another run at the White House in 2020, behavior such as this will likely come back to haunt her, especially given the heightened criticism that she will already be receiving by even beginning to think it appropriate to campaign again.

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