Hillary to Honor Black Criminals Instead of Slain Police Officers at DNC Convention

In case you have any questions about the platform or beliefs of the Democratic Party, allow me to share just three things for you consider.

1- In 2012, the Democratic National Committee ruled that there would be no prayer to God nor any mention of God during their convention.

2- After this year’s RNC Convention, the liberal media, composed of liberal Democrats, and top Democrats ridiculed everything that was said, including the references to God by Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Mike Pence. The Democratic and media responses to the mention of God by Pence reminded me of how a two-year-old reacts when mommy tells him it’s time for bed.

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3- Watching the news over the weekend, I heard that Hillary is planning to have the parents of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown speak at this week’s DNC Convention. However, no family members of slain police officers have been invited to speak.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were both black teenage hoodlums and criminals.

Martin had a record with police and his school that should shame most parents. He also had a complete burglars kit. He had no logical excuse for being where he was when George Zimmerman confronted him. People willingly ignore the fact that Martin repeatedly slammed Zimmerman’s head back into the concrete and it was Martin who resisted Zimmerman.

Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store and physically assaulted the store clerk upon his leaving the store. Officer Darrin Wilson was responding to the call of the burglary and assault, but it was Brown who refused to comply to Wilson’s orders. Instead, Brown approached the police officer and began punching him in the face. Officer Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in the assault. Brown then tried to reach for Wilson’s gun when Wilson shot him. How would you react if a six foot three-hundred-pound thug just fractured your eye socket and was continuing to assault you?

Realize that Hillary Clinton has intentionally chosen to give honor and praise to the parents who failed their sons who died disobeying the law and those tasked to protect us. Hillary is intentionally ignoring the families of the fallen law enforcement officers who died while protecting their community.

What kind of message does this send? It says that Hillary fully supports and embraces a life of lawlessness and disobedience, which she has already demonstrated when serving as Secretary of State. Hillary’s message also says that she cares little for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect her, you and me. Her message says she would prefer a country torn apart by anarchy rather than a country kept whole by obedience to God, US Constitution and local, state and federal laws.


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