Hillary Clinton

Hillary Health Concerns Reach ALARMING New Peak As America Notices…

Over the course of the last few years, we as a nation have come to a terrifying conclusion about Hillary Clinton; namely, that she is in no way healthy enough to be a part of our political process.

This in itself isn’t terribly worrisome, however;  People get older and begin to have new concerns over the amount of energy and effort they can expound on a daily basis.  No, what’s troubling is that the left is still propping up the clearly ill former First Lady in order to milk whatever they can from her supporter base.  Of course, Clinton’s health has been a major concern over the course of the last few years, and the former Secretary of State has been tied to any number of bizarre medical issues in that time.

Now, have intrepid observers noticed another clue regarding Clinton’s misery?

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She’s fallen before and she’s needed help getting up.

Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton appeared to be wearing a Life Alert emergency button necklace during her recent appearance in New York City.

Twitter user @ComfortablySmug posted a photo of Clinton posing with a fan while she was in Central Park for the Ozy Fest:

Hillary Clinton

The resemblance to the Life Alert device is uncanny:

Hillary Clinton

As any simple search of YouTube will show you, Hillary certainly could use the help, particularly when attempting to navigate even the most simple of staircases.

Should Hillary Clinton decide to run for President again in 2020, (or if she is forced to by the doomed democratic party), the former First Lady’s health will need to improve immensely.

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