Terry McAuliffe

Hillary Groupie McAuliffe Won’t Say “NO” To Physically Attacking POTUS

There is no excuse for the rampant political violence occurring every day in our country, but the liberal left continues to throw gas on the fire in hopes of starting a New Civil War.

From the moment that Donald Trump ascended to the highest office in all of American politics, the left was enraged.  There had never been a candidate more despised by the liberals than Trump, and his electoral success not only stunned the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton crowd, but frightened the young millennials who had been indoctrinated in the progressive ideology of the left.  How on earth could their nation have chosen a populist over the left’s eventual endgame of socialist Fascism?

It’s easy:  The silent conservative majority had finally woken up.

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Now, there is an ugly “resistance” battle talking place around the dinner tables, campuses, and water coolers of our nation, which leftist parrots attempting to brand the President as a backwards, bigoted leader who is hellbent on promoting the ideals of the KKK.  Every single move Trump makes is apparently “racist”, which only further escalates the hatred that the left is fomenting.

Physical violence has sprung forth from this demonic rage on more than one occasion during the President’s first term, with the left employing groups such as Antifa to do their dirty work.  Images of violence against Trump have also been ever-prevalent in the mainstream media, with singers and hip hop artists constantly making blatant visual threats on the Commander in Chief’s life.

Terry McAuliffe, former governor of Virginia and Hillary Clinton acolyte, has now jumped on the violence bandwagon as well, pushing the idea of “punching back” when confronted by the President. When asked to clarify his statement, to determine whether or not he meant to incite physical violence, McAuliffe was quick to say, figuratively, “yeah, maybe”.

“In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday, McAuliffe was asked what he meant by the remarks.

“’So that does sound that you’re saying that if he came too close to you, you would use physical violence?’ Tapper asked after playing the MSNBC clip.

“’I answered the question like I think most folks would actually answer the question,’ McAuliffe said.”

What in the world does that even mean?

“’I didn’t say punch,’ the Virgina governor claimed, even though he did say the word ‘punch’.

“’People need to stand up and punch him back, punch him back rhetorically,’ McAuliffe added, saying ‘enough is enough.'”

Then, as if to remind us that he would harm the President, McAuliffe added:

“’Maybe if I had to push him back gently and he fell down on his own right, but the point of this is, I’m sick and tired of Donald Trump attacking everybody.’ McAuliffe said.”

Worse yet is the very real possibility that McAuliffe could very well be planning to dip his toes into presidential politics in just a few years, as 2020 is still looming large on the horizon.

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