Hillary Forwarded Classified Email to Daughter Chelsea

Even though Hillary Clinton continues to deny that she ever used her private email server for classified information, the FBI says otherwise.

In the latest FBI releases, they have found thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton on disgraced former Democratic Representative Anthony Wiener’s email. Wiener’s wife, soon to be ex-wife, is Huma Abedin, Hillary’s former close aide and confidant when she was Secretary of State. I still believe that Abedin was a Muslim spy which is the only explanation for her marriage to Wiener. She is a devout Muslim with family connections to the Muslim Sisterhood and Wiener is a Jew. I recently wrote about Abedin being a deliberate Muslim plant whose purpose was to gain top government secrets from her marriage to a US Representative and her position with Hillary.

Now the FBI has stated that Hillary Clinton had forwarded classified information to her daughter Chelsea. The email chain began with a message containing confidential classified information was sent by Michael Froman, at the time was Deputy Assistant to Obama and Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs.

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Froman sent the email to Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Advisor Jake Sullivan when they were both at the State Department. It was also sent to some of Obama’s aides. Sullivan then forwarded the email to Hillary Clinton who then forwarded it her daughter Chelsea. The email to Chelsea was disguised since it was sent to a pseudonym Chelsea was using of Diane Reynolds.

First Hillary denied ever using her private email server for any confidential or classified government information. Then Hillary claimed that all her emails had been deleted or lost. Hillary went before a judge and swore that all her emails were gone and unrecoverable. Hillary went before Congress and swore that all her emails were gone and unrecoverable. She also told Congress that she never received, sent or forwarded classified or confidential emails using her private server. Hillary continually tells the America people that she never used her private server to receive, send or forward any classified or confidential emails.

Lies! Lies! And more LIES!!!

Now we are learning that thousands of her emails were found NOT on Huma Abedin’s computer but on Anthony Wiener’s computer. And now we find out that Hillary forwarded confidential information to her daughter Chelsea, who had no official position within the State Department or federal government.

There are three things made clear by all of Hillary’s email scandals.

1- Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with ANY confidential or classified information which means she cannot be trusted to be president,

2- Hillary will do whatever she can to cover up her mistakes instead of doing the right thing and admitting to making mistakes like a grown responsible person should do. That also means she is not qualified nor can be trusted to be president

3- Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and no one can believe anything she says. This also should disqualify her from being president.

The only thing Hillary Clinton IS qualified for is to server a nice long prison sentence for her many, many, many crimes.

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