Hillary Fails to Fight Terrorism



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Hillary pretends that she wants to fight terrorism.  This, despite the fact that hers and Obama’s policies have encouraged terrorism.  In the last few weeks her ineffectual policies against terrorism have generated terrorism in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.


Compare this to when Bush actually kept America free from terrorism right after 9/11. Remember that the World Trade Towers was caused by Bill Clinton failing to take Osama prisoner after the president of Sudan offered him up.  Well, Democrats have a way of surrendering before the attack.


If only Hillary were brave like Bush instead of part of the Clinton cover-your-ass crowd? If only she didn’t pretend that she had a comprehensive plan to fight terrorism which is reminiscent of an ostrich putting her head in a hole.


Obama and Hillary care more about the Muslims than Americans. In November she said, “Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”


She is either a coward who is afraid to fight Islam, or she is stupid enough to think that she can trick jihadists into being peaceful by saying that they are.


I’d like to take a microphone to the dead and see what they have to say about Islamic tolerance. Will carrion insects chirp?


Trump is right—build a wall.  Muslims are not peaceful and tolerant.  That is the lie that destroys the world and kills America.  Every week or so we see them beheading, crucifying and burning captives. Our government brags about proportionate violence.  Muslims laugh at it and go to radical extremes.


Mohammed is violent; violent is Mohammed.  Muslims are the result. In mosques Muslim immigrants hide like mice. Make that rats. They bite.


Hillary allowed Obama’s policy to let Islamic terrorist groups grow. She was Secretary of a failing state.


Hillary supported the Muslim Brotherhood and hired Huma Abedin (her family part of the Brotherhood) as her right hand woman.

She failed to call Boko Haram as a foreign terror org. And she supported Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.


Well, Hillary sounds like a fine president.  Why don’t we elect Hassan Rouhani  as her  vice president.  Might be better than communist Tim Kaine?  Afterall, John Kerry’s daughter has married an Iranian-American with extensive ties to Iran.


Diversity does not mean giving access to terrorists like Iranians to our government through the daughter of the Secretary of State.

Trump wants to make America great again.  We should at least rediscover America and make it America again.

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