Hillary Clinton

Hillary Emails Offered to Trump 2016 Campaign by GOV’T AGENCY!

As we grow into our old age, and we find ourselves squinting at our smartphones from our front porch rocking chairs, we will undoubtedly be telling our children stories of the 2016 presidential election.

The entire event was a wild ride to experience in real time, but now that we’re truly getting to the bottom of some of the malfeasance involved, the story is coming into a world of its own.  Espionage, leaks, murder, violence, radicalization, sex, drugs, and disease have all played a part – and that’s just a few of the things we can attribute to Bill and Hillary Clinton alone.  This doesn’t take into account the entire world around the U.S. that may or may not have played a much larger role than usual in American politics this go-round.

One of the most remarkable stories of the election was the case of Hillary Clinton’s missing, private emails, which disappeared from her illegal and unprotected server at the State Department through the use of a high-level hacker’s tool known as BleachBit.

Then, shortly after other emails from within the Clinton campaign were shared with the whistleblowers over at Wikileaks, Seth Rich was mysteriously murdered in a “botched robbery” that truly reeks of a Clinton-centric mob hit.

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Now, almost two years removed from the meat of the election, we are still learning shocking and awe-inspiring truths about those arduous months, including what appears to be an enormously important offer that came up regarding the former Secretary of State’s private emails.

From an interview with former Trump Aide Michael Caputo on Neil Cavuto’s show:

Neil Cavuto: So you’re convinced there was more than one individual?

Michael Caputo: Absolutely, mostly because I was approached as well. But this time, what’s remarkable here to my approach is it happened in the first week of May in 2016. Very far off the timeline very far off the timeline that the Mueller investigation and others are trying to hold to when the investigation into the Trump campaign actually began.

Neil Cavuto: So when you say May of 2016 you have the discovery of somebody penetrating the campaign or what?

Michael Caputo: Actually I was approached by an intermediary who had been talking to a government official, a former government official who told him that they had Hillary Clinton related emails at that government organization.

If this is true, that a government organization had these Clinton emails, why were they kept hidden from the public?  Assuming that they posed a risk to national security, why weren’t we at least told that they had been recovered?

Well that’s a simple one:  Because the government was being helmed by Barack Obama at the time, who had openly advertised a Hillary Clinton presidency as a virtual 3rd term for the deranged democratic deity.


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