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Hillary Emailed, People Died

The media are working hard to bury the latest story about Hillary Clinton’s wide-open email server.

Over the weekend, the story came out linking the execution of an Iranian nuclear scientist to Clinton’s emails, which are known to have been hacked by foreign intelligence agencies.

Scientist Shahram Amiri, whose case was discussed in messages on Clinton’s sieve-like home-brew email server, defected to the United States.

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He turned out to be a font of information, but as with other projects under the Clinton State Department, he was mishandled. Specifically, his family was left in Iran. There’s speculation that the Iranian government was tipped off to Amiri’s role because of information from Clinton’s server, and that led Iranian intelligence to threaten his family.

Amiri returned to Iran and swiftly disappeared. Now he’s dead, and the State Department is scrambling to explain another body.

They had practice doing that under Clinton’s term of duty, the infamous Benghazi incident being the radioactive example. Not only did she lie, she conspired with the president and others to lie, about the cause of the Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans.

That’s well established fact now.

What’s not clear is why exactly there was no help coming as American personnel fought for hours against multiple waves of attackers.

We haven’t heard the last word on Benghazi. In fact, the parents of two of the Benghazi victims, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, on Monday sued Hillary for wrongful death and defamation.

In their suit, they claim that Hillary’s reckless handling of emails and national security contributed to their sons’ deaths.

“The Benghazi attack was directly and proximately caused, at a minimum by defendant Clinton’s ‘extreme carelessness’ in handling confidential and classified information,” the suit claims.

FBI Director James Comey, in a stunning public display of corruption, explained during his non-indictment of Clinton that it was “possible that hostile actors gained access” to the server.

Since then, multiple leaks of Clinton and Democratic Party emails have pretty much clinched that notion.

But until now, nobody seems to have asked the question about Benghazi.

The attacks were clearly planned and coordinated, not the result of spontaneous protests, certainly not linked to some lame Internet video whose creator is still the only person connected to Benghazi to be tried and sentenced. (The alleged Benghazi “mastermind” was arrested in 2014 and apparently is sitting on ice somewhere.)

So did Ansar al-Sharia’s planning get a boost from Hillary’s home-brew server?

There are a lot of rumors about bodies in the Clintons’ wake, but if the Benghazi families’ suit is correct, that makes at least five people killed by Hillary’s emails alone.

And this is the woman liberals want to give responsibility for the nation’s nuclear launch codes?


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