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A Hillary Election Would Only Lead to Government Stagnation

One thing that I haven’t seen pointed out yet is: if Hillary is elected, nothing will ever get done, nothing will ever get fixed.

That is, if a Republican congress creates bills to fix things in a conservative way, Hillary will just veto them. Yet, if Hillary appoints liberal judges to the Supreme Court, congress will not approve them. Therefore, we will have stagnation in government.

Hillary could do what her husband did … let the Republican congress fix the economy and then personally take credit for it.

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Therefore, the only way for the U.S. to move forward and solve its problems is to elect Donald Trump president.

First, in his speeches, interviews and 3rd debate, he should make the country aware of what I just said. And congressional Republicans are foolish if they don’t realize that and back him. They should also be pointing this out in their speeches and interviews.

Then this should be Trump’s closing statement in the 3rd debate – his main chance – besides commercials – to bypass the corrupt, censoring media and speak directly to all of the public.

He should say, “Here is your choice, America. Do you want to fix the problems of this nation – the economy, jobs, safety, shackled clergy, inner city war zones … or are you going to let yourself be conned and blinded by the dirty political tactics of a corrupt, greedy and proven-to-be-ineffective party that tries to blind with a flood of words and distractions but no solutions and will only make things worse – especially for Christians? You will vote that choice.”

The way that the democrats represent evil is spelled out in my book, The Plague Of Liberalism (

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