Hillary Clinton

Hillary Demonstrates Bizarre Coping Mechanism With CNN Host

Hillary Clinton has been making a fool of herself in regard to the 2016 presidential election for months now, but her latest stunt is laughably ridiculous.

Her latest round of follies tend to revolve around her ill-conceived book, What Happened, which was meant to be a tale of that fateful election.  Instead, the somber tome reads as an utterly pathetic listing of scapegoats that the democratic diva blames for her inability to capture the votes of America.

In the book, Clinton has lashed out against primary rival Bernie Sanders, whom she colluded with the DNC to cheat out of the nomination, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden who looks poised to send her packing in the early contests of 2020 should she be foolish enough to run again.  Beyond her ridiculous finger pointing, What Happened contains incredulous re-imaginings of George Orwell’s classic novel 1984; a seminal piece of fiction that Clinton somehow mangled the meaning of in an unforgivable way.

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Her latest stunt, however, was unforgettably pathetic, and more than a bit demonstrative of Clinton’s current sad state of affairs.  Unsurprisingly, this all occurred under the watchful eye of CNN.

“‘Seems like you’ve been doing a lot of yoga?’ CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked during an interview organized as part of Clinton’s What Happened book tour.

“‘Yes, I have,’ Clinton responded. ‘And alternate nostril breathing.’

 “Cooper then asked Clinton to show him what the coping mechanism entailed.

“‘I would highly recommend it,’ Clinton started. ‘You are supposed to shut your eyes — I don’t want to shut my eyes on national television — but you do hold [your nostril] and breathe through one, and you hold it and then you exhale to the other and you keep going.'”

Ladies and gentlemen; this woman almost became President of the United States.

Clinton’s book tour has been widely lambasted as a series of excuses for her electoral embarrassment in November, in which the former First Lady takes no responsibility for her loss to now-President Donald Trump.  In reality, however, Clinton was unable to best her republican opponent due to her horrendously corrupt history and the utter lack of trust that the American people have in her.  By blaming others, and taking to CNN to elicit sympathy for her “struggle”, Clinton is revealing that she is nothing more than a bad actor who believed that she deserved to be President.

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