Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia-Sized Lie About Visit to Belfast in the 90’s

Goodness gracious, this woman.

Have you ever seen anyone so shameless?

Or, for that matter, have you ever seen anyone get away with being such a shameless, blatant liar? How can we trust anything she says if she boldly asserts so many factual untruths about minor things without blinking?

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During a recent visit to Belfast, where she was awarded an honorary doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast on Wednesday for some incomprehensible reason, she recalled a visit to Belfast as FLOTUS, and made some claims that were eerily reminiscent to her debunked claims to have been under sniper fire in Bosnia.

Here’s a clip of one of her “most vivid memories” from her time in the White House:

This isn’t that unbelievable of a claim, considering what Belfast was like in the 90’s.

That is, unless you’re actually brushed up on your history, which Hillary clearly isn’t…even the history of her own life. 

Ireland’s JOE reports:

Hillary claims that they arrived at the Belfast’s Europa Hotel (a regular target during the Troubles) in 1995 to see windows boarded up and parts of building uninhabitable because of recent bombings.

However, the Belfast Europa Hotel had undergone an extensive £8 million in 1994 redevelopment (over a year prior to the Clinton visit) following the last Provisional IRA bomb in 1993.

She made a similar claim during a speech in Belfast in 2009. At that time, the Belfast Telegraph reported a concierge at the hotel during the Clinton’s stay said he had “no memories” of any boards at the hotel then.

Martin Mulholland said: “The hotel was spotless. There had been no bombs and there was no scaffolds or wooden boards or anything like that when they came.

“The place was spotless. The only security or boards that went up were the ones put up by Bill Clinton’s secret service team.”

So, not only had the hotel not recently been bombed. Not only was it spotless. Not only were the boards she described placed by the Clintons’ own secret service detail.

But she’s already attempted this lie before.

Only Hillary.

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