Hillary Clinton vs. FBI Director Jim Comey on the Email Scandal [VIDEO]


While the FBI has foolishly decided to recommend NOT pursuing charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the idea that her hands are clean of criminality in the email scandal is just laughable. To highlight this point, the brilliant folks at Reason Online have put together a short video proving that Hillary Clinton is a liar and that the FBI’s Jim Comey sold us all out when he decided not to bring her down.

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The sad truth is that Hillary Clinton has been lying through her teeth about her emails for MONTHS, and now it seems she’s just going to get away with her malfeasance. Because apparently, in America today, some people really are above the law.

The folks at Reason weren’t the only people who realized that there were hours of video and dozens of Clinton lies ready to paste together as evidence of her corrupt immorality. America Rising PAC took a similar tactic and put together this delightful video.

All that’s left to be said is this… Hillary Clinton is a liar and a proven criminal. The FBI most assuredly did gather enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed a crime and should be punished but because of the reality that America is no longer a free and democratic society… the woman not only walks free, but she’s actually favored to be our next President. It boggles the mind how far our beloved country has fallen, but the reality is that we are no longer a Democratic-Republic. Instead we are a socialist-leaning oligarchy where the many are ruled by the few.

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