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Hillary Clinton Has Her Own Take on Orwell’s “1984”, And It’s a Doozy

Every few weeks, something occurs within our federal government that has liberty enthusiasts crying out, citing George Orwell’s seminal piece of fiction, 1984.

These are seldom doom and gloom exaggerations either, as the world of technology is certainly clashing with the world of freedom in our modern age.  Where our parents were leery of typing their credit card information into any websites, millennials seem to have no qualms about using their fingerprint to send digital currency over the internet, through satellites, to pay for their ride sharing applications and dating site memberships.

Soon, these Big Brother-esque fears will come to an unholy fruition with Apple, makers of the forthcoming iPhone X, which will replace the fingerprint identification option with a facial recognition suite that looks directly lifted from a 1980’s dystopian science fiction film.

All of these ideas harken back to the literary character literally known as “Big Brother”, the authoritarian villain at the heart of 1984.

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And while these concept are easy to grasp, and 1984 has been a part of the popular culture since its publication in 1949, somehow, Hillary Clinton still doesn’t understand it.

“Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened contains a section where the failed presidential candidate literally tries to assert that George Orwell’s 1984 – a book about the tyranny and abuse of an all powerful authoritarian state – is about the need to trust authority.

“Yes, she really is that delusional. Here’s the passage;

“’Attempting to define reality is a core feature of authoritarianism. This is what the Soviets did when they erased political dissidents from historical photos. This is what happens in George Orwell’s classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, when a torturer holds up four fingers and delivers electric shocks until his prisoner sees five fingers as ordered. The goal is to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust toward exactly the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves.’

“It goes without saying that the entire premise of 1984 is centered on how an authoritarian state uses terror, manipulation of information and the destruction of logic and reason to enforce total obedience and trust in ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’.

“Another irony is that Hillary’s entire campaign was based around her attempt to define reality by means of her crony relationship with the mainstream media, with many journalists having been exposed by the Podesta emails as having being in bed with the Clinton campaign.”

While Clinton’s What Happened is already being critically panned as nothing more than one woman’s search for a scapegoat, in a cruel twist of irony, online retailer Amazon is pulling a “Big Brother” inspired move of their own.

The gargantuan online seller of nearly all things has decided that they will arbitrarily decide which reviews of Clinton’s book will be allowed to remain upon their website, with a host of 1-star reviews having already been deleted by the retailer.

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