Hillary Clinton Suffers Medical “Episode” at 9/11 Memorial; Watch the Stunning Video Here

For months now some conservatives have argued that while there are many problems with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president (including her immorality, criminality and her politics), one of the most concerning has to be her physical wellbeing. Hillary Clinton will be 69 in October and has a history of poor health – including but not limited to: blood clots (coagulation problems) and a severe concussion (and likely brain damage). While conservatives have openly wondered about Mrs. Clinton’s health issues, liberals have mocked us for our “conspiracy” theories…

Well, her health is now a real campaign issue.

During a 9/11-memorial service at the World Trade Center memorial, Mrs. Clinton suffered a medical “episode” and was whisked away before the service actually ended. Witnesses say that the Democrat candidate for President looked pale as she arrived at the memorial and that she was only outside for a short while before having to leave the event earlier than planned.

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A senior law enforcement official told The Daily Beast that Clinton looked pale when she arrived at the ceremony. She left the ceremony at about 9:30 a.m., according to pool reports. As she walked away from the ceremony, according to numerous law enforcement officials, she slumped and appeared to faint. Then, according to the sources, her detail put her into a waiting vehicle. 

“They threw her in like she was a side of beef,” a senior law enforcement official told The Daily Beast. 

Unsettling video shot by an onlooker and posted to Twitter shows an obviously incapacitated Clinton being propped up on the sidewalk, then literally lifted up and tossed into the back of her awaiting van.

Here’s a slightly different view offering more visual proof that Clinton was manhandled into the vehicle.

Notice a few things from the video:

First, she’s being propped up before the van arrives by an aide and by a metal barricade post (or bollard). Notice, how the top half of her body is leaning back over the post as if she’s struggling to remain upright. Secondly, when the van arrives and the doors are opened, Clinton doesn’t move a muscle. In fact, it appears that she may already have passed out at this point, because the moment her entourage attempts to move her, she begins to collapse. Third, once they begin to move her, the two men are forced to lift her by her armpits as they throw Clinton into the back of the van. She does nothing to help — she is completely gone by this point.

The media is also reporting that Clinton lost a shoe in the transition; the foot ware was recovered by a someone else who flagged down the tail of her caravan and gave them the shoe to deliver to her. Do you think Clinton would have let them leave without her shoe had she been awake to realize that it was missing? Think about how that would have looked had someone taken a picture of her walking on New York’s streets sans shoe. She would never have allowed it.

All of the evidence points to Hillary Clinton having passed out, and the heat exhaustion excuse makes no sense, as anyone who has ever been to the 9/11 memorial can attest. The memorial is less than three blocks from the Hudson River and prone to cool breezes, not to mention that Clinton had only been outside for a short while and the temperature at the time of her “spell” was between 75-80 degrees.

This could be a turning point in the campaign as some in the media are already wondering what this could mean for Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

From HotAir:

Josh Jordan has the right idea on What This Means. Until now, the “Hillary’s sick!” stuff has consisted mostly of speculation about her concussion — driven in part by Hillary herself — and her coughing fits, which could be explained by something as simple as allergies. Watching her stagger into a waiting van means the media can’t spin her health issues away anymore as the product of Trump’s over-active conspiratorial imagination anymore. In fact, WaPo’s Chris Cillizza, who spent last week claiming that Clinton’s health is a nothingburger compared to the legitimate questions about McCain’s health in 2008, is now pronouncing it a real campaign issue…

Could we one day look back on this as the moment Donald Trump won the White House?

See more excellent coverage of the incident and the spin surrounding it from Jeff Dunetz over at the Lid…


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