Hillary Clinton Sides With Cop Killers in Interview This Week

Image Credit: Screenshot / YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s nemesis Donald Trump was very clear after the assassinations of 5 police officers and woundings of 7 more in Dallas on Thursday.

“We must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos,” Trump said, correctly labeling the murders during a Black Lives Matter protest “an attack on our country.”

(BLM, to its credit, did condemn the shootings, but all things considered, and with various “black power” groups calling for more police murders, it seems like too little, too late.)

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Then there’s the Hillary Clinton take on the grisly escalation of racist violence promulgated by Black Lives Matter supporters and various “black power” groups that for months have been trailing in BLM’s wake.

We just need “more love and kindness.”

Yeah, she said that. But wait, it gets better.

Clinton did acknowledge that the shootings were “an absolutely horrific event.” That seems like the least a presidential wannabe could do.

According to CNN, she called on communities across America to show “respect” for police.

I’m sure you’re feeling the excitement as we build up to Clinton’s big leadership moment.

She told Wolf Blitzer: “This is the kind of call to action …” yes?

“… And as president …” tell it, girl!

“I would implement the very comprehensive set of proposals that I’ve been making for more than a year.” Great! Bring it on home! What do you propose?

“We must do more to have national guidelines about the use of force by police, especially deadly force.” Hallelu … wait, wha’?

Hold on. Did Clinton actually just segue into blaming police for the assassinations of 5 officers and attempted assassinations of 7 others by a “black power” nutjob high on liberals’ Black Lives Matter racial rhetoric?

Citing a “terrible disconnect” between police and black communities, she said, “Too many African-Americans have been killed in encounters with police over matters that should not have led to that action being taken.”

So, yeah, it’s the cops’ fault they were killed. That’s what I’m hearing. (Kind of like how her email crimes were the fault of Republicans, I guess.)

Then she lectured white people to put themselves in black people’s position and imagine what it’s like to be afraid of racist police. “I’m going to be talking to white people — I think we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our African-American fellow citizens,” she said.

I have a better idea. Black people, listen to me.

I’m white, and do not buy into the low expectations the Democratic Party subscribes to regarding you, your families or communities. I do believe that many black people are good, bright and creative, and would like to have safe communities in which they can raise their children and have a decent life that includes a job, your own home, a good education and having a future, but many of you feel that government has failed you in all those areas.

You are right. Government has utterly failed you. Largely this is the fault of the Democratic Party, the historic home of the KKK and segregationists, which has manipulated you to keep you in the position of second-class citizens whose communities are plagued by poverty, crime, ignorance, hatred and violence. Their policies make it difficult to get out of the hole you’ve been forced into. The Republican Party has contributed to the problem, though it is not the prime troublemaker. Your difficulties are not the result of “white people” keeping you down, but the result of a government, a supportive media, and a particular party in the case of the Democrats, that see you as nothing but election fodder, to be coddled whenever your support is needed to win office but then to be quickly forgotten again.

So instead of voting for the Democrats yet again, in the vain hope that this time it will make a difference, and instead of running out into the streets to yell and scream pointlessly while further damaging your own communities, do something productive instead. Join a group that wants to make sure government follows the law and serves the people.

Join the Tea Party. Then consider voting for Donald Trump.

The Tea Party and Trump are currently tops of the liberals’ Most Despised list. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

“We must restore law and order,” Trump said. “We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.”

So you can have common sense from a man who knows how to bring back opportunity to black neighborhoods and all of America, or you can continue to be led around by the nose by a woman (and her party) who uses your political grievances to manipulate you and your families into engaging in self-destructive hatred and violence, but in the end will do nothing to improve your lives.

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