Hillary Doesn't Want You to See This Video

Hillary Clinton says Something Shocking… and True

Hillary Clinton had a rare (and completely accidental) moment of candor on the campaign trail Wednesday. She was in the process of being busily about the work of demagoguing Donald Trump, when she accidentally told an audience in Omaha, Nebraska that she would soon be raising taxes on the Middle Class.

Just an extra action item here – this is a ridiculous avenue of attack for Clinton to be taking against Mr. Trump. One of the reasons many conservatives are worried about his candidacy is that he has not held the strictest of lines on conservative tax policy. In fact, as recently as April Trump was arguing for raising taxes on the rich (though he tempered that argument in May).

While today, Trump argues for lowering taxes across the board (a good thing), this really does seem like the worst possible place for Clinton to attack him. He’s spoken so often about making the rich pay more in taxes while cutting middle class taxes that for the average voter, Clinton’s argument just won’t wash.

It is fun to watch Hillary tell the truth about her own plans though…

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