Hillary Clinton Says We Can’t Fall Into This “Trap” Set by the Gun Lobby [VIDEO]

In the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting that claimed at least 49 lives, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton renewed calls for more gun control, particularly for reinstating the assault weapons ban. She also cautioned that we not fall into the “trap set up by the gun lobby that says if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, then we should not try to stop any.”

Instead of focusing on the criminal element, gun control proponents would rather focus on blaming the gun lobby for these types of atrocities. According to the media narrative thus far, the suspect Omar Mateen used an AR-15-style rifle – one of many so-called “assault weapons” – to kill nearly 50 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Therefore, according to Hillary Clinton, reinstating the assault weapons ban would help to prevent further attacks.

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In her interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton had this to say:

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“Florida doesn’t regulate assault weapons or 50-caliber rifles or large capacity ammunition magazines. It doesn’t require a permit to purchase a gun. It doesn’t require any registration whatsoever. It doesn’t require gun owners to be licensed, and it doesn’t require a permit to carry a shotgun or a rifle. It doesn’t even require a background check prior to the transfer of a firearm between non-federally licensed parties. Now, that’s a lot of ‘nots,’ and I believe strongly that common sense gun safety reform across our country would make a difference.

“We know the gunman used a weapon of war to shoot down at least 50 innocent Americans, and we won’t even be able to get the Congress to prevent terrorists or people on the no-fly list from buying guns. This is just totally incomprehensible, and I think we’ve got to get back to common sense gun safety reform, and we can’t fall into the trap that is set up by the gun lobby that says if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, then we should not try to stop any.

“We did have an assault weapons ban for ten years, and I think it should be reinstated.”

The dilemma Hillary Clinton and other gun control proponents face is that the solutions they push for would not stop mass shootings from occurring. It goes without saying that terrorists don’t care about laws. If Florida had banned “assault weapons,” Omar Mateen would still have been able to get what he wanted either on the black market, or by stealing one. The gun lobby has about as much to do with mass shootings as liquor stores in DUI homicide cases.

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In contrast, Donald Trump said that if the victims were carrying guns of their own, the mass shooting wouldn’t have been as tragic. He said: “If people in that room had guns, with the bullets flying in the opposite direction right at him, right at his head, you wouldn’t have had the same tragedy that you ended up having.”

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