Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know How to Handle This Issue, So She Says Bill Will Fix It [VIDEO]

Because she can’t say anything persuasive to coal states, Hillary Clinton punts lamely to her man.

The way Hillary Clinton punts to her husband shows she has no idea how to help the economy.

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The Fox News pundits make a big deal of this and question whether it is legal to make Bill Clinton “co-president.” I think they’re taking Hillary’s statement way too seriously. I highly doubt it represents any plan to do anything with Bill Clinton. I’m sure the main challenge that Hillary thinks about when it comes to Bill is keeping his name out of the news and hiding the “bimbo eruptions.”

When Hillary Clinton punts to Bill as if he is some kind of economic genius, we aren’t seeing a plan to make him co-president but a desperate off-the-cuff promise to swing voters away from Bernie and Trump. Remember, she has basically promised to destroy jobs in coal states.


So all she can do is say, “Bill will fix it.”

It is true that some of Bill’s economic policies were not as bad as those of other Democrats before and after him. But the main reason we seemed to have massive financial growth is that Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, pushed down interest rates and inflated a bubble. Luckily for Bill, the NASDAQ crash did not occur until he left office. President Bush had to deal with it. Greenspan shoved interest rates lower starting the housing bubble. Bush was still President when that imploded so he wasn’t able to escape responsibility like Bill Clinton had.

But the economy and the attitudes that lead to economic action have fundamentally changed since Bill Clinton’s presidency. The country was not in nearly as much debt and it was possible to lower interest rates. Now interest rates at the Federal Reserve are practically below zero. The tricks that worked for Bill Clinton’s presidency won’t work for Hillary.

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