WATCH: Hillary Clinton Promises Another Round of Stimulus

After eight years of Barack Obama failing at jobs, Hillary Clinton promises more of the same.

In her first hundred days in office, Hillary Clinton promises government-created jobs. Where have we heard that before?

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First of all, this is simply a promise of more “stimulus,” through more deficit spending and more trillions in debt. The reason Hillary has to invoke World War II is because Liberals can only pretend that method of job creation worked by invoking events that are far enough away in time to be shrouded in myth. If she had invoked more recent precedents like Solyndra or Obama’s stimulus, too many people would remember the truth.

Notice she assumes that Congress will cooperate. I don’t know if that means she is planning to fail or if she thinks she can get the cooperation of Republicans in Congress the way Obama did.

But most importantly, Hillary has already informed us that she doesn’t have a clue how to strengthen the economy. She has promised to let Bill handle that.

Of course, since the Federal Reserve was largely responsible for the economic bubble that helped Bill Clinton get reelected, and the Federal Reserve is basically a private bank that rules our government, one could claim that the government can create jobs.

Yeah. But only by importing them from the future. That economic bubble was based on debt. Now we are left with debt and few jobs and poor pay.

Hillary Clinton will only make it worse.

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