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Hillary Clinton Lectures America and Trump on Illegal Immigration

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Hillary Clinton is like a bad penny, she just keeps on turning up.

Her most recent return to the public eye took place on Monday when she “turned up” in New York to speak at ‘The Women’s Forum of New York’ luncheon.

Instead of sticking to boiler plate encouragement and telling the crowd to work hard and change the world for the better, Clinton decided to gripe about President Trump and the administration’s illegal immigration policies.

During her speech to the crowd Clinton crowed that she had spent a lot of time on the campaign trail in 2016 warning America that President Trump’s policies would separate families.

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We have an urgent imperative to stand up for the human rights of women and girls around the world and here at home. Just last week, the administration announced that they will not provide asylum to survivors of domestic violence who seek refuge in the United States when their own countries fail to protect them.

Meanwhile, what’s happening to families at the border is horrific. Nursing infants being ripped away from their mothers, parents being told their toddlers are being taken to bathe or play, only to realize hours later they aren’t coming back. Children incarcerated in warehouses and, according to one account, kept in cages. This is a moral and humanitarian crisis. Every one of us who’s ever been a parent, or grandparent, an aunt, a big sister, any one of us who’s ever held a child in our arms, every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged…

I warned about this during the debates and on the campaign trail that Trump’s immigration policies would result in families being separated, parents being sent away from their children, people being rounded up on trains and buses.

Now as we watch with broken hearts, that’s exactly what’s happening. This is not happening because of ‘Democrats’ law’ as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. It’s incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that.

Maybe the corrupt Clinton matriarch did warn America. So what?

She failed to mention was that illegal immigration has been separating families for two decades. Yes, the issue was “worse” during some administrations than it was during others. But even under the Swiss Cheese immigration policies of Barack Obama, families were still being separated by illegal immigration.

She also failed to mention that Congress could simply change the law so that families wouldn’t be separated. Indeed, her answer to the problem is to demonize President Trump for, get this, ENFORCING OUR LAWS.


Because she, and her friends in Congress who passed this law in 1997, are too incompetent to change the law… so they’d just rather see President Trump not enforce it.


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