Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton To Form PAC in Coming Weeks To Undermine POTUS

Suddenly, the American political left believes that a full-on resistance movement against our Commander in Chief is completely appropriate and warranted.

For some reason, the presidency of Donald J. Trump doesn’t command respect from the liberal New Fascists, who have redefined the very idea of dissent in modern day America.  Where our forefathers have respectfully debated, disagreed, and legislated their way through the annals of government friction, this new breed of angry leftist has instead chosen to follow a path of anger and obstruction.

In the weeks following the election of Trump, protests around the nation consistently turned violent, and they continue to do so 100-and-some days following the business mogul’s inauguration.  It has become unfortunately acceptable for hate and venom to spew forth during any conversation about the President, regardless of your status and stature in our great nation.  Even professional orators and television hosts have turned to the profane and disgusting in order to demean and delegitimize The Donald.

Now, Hillary Clinton has retuned from under whatever rock she was hiding to begin a campaign of dissension against her former political rival.  

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“Hillary Clinton soon will launch a PAC as a way of ‘acting as a quiet catalyst’ for organizations she cares about, and eventually will help 2018 congressional candidates — but with no intention of making it a vehicle to run for anything herself.

“According to a source familiar with the planning, the initial focus will be on lifting up organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election, and existing groups that have been reignited and reinvigorated by that energy. She has met with some of these groups, and it’s something she’s become increasingly passionate about with each meeting, the source said.

  • The posture: She’s not going to look for ways to comment on Trump’s daily doings, but also won’t shy away from it. An unwritten rule around her office has been to allow for a peaceful transition of power (evidenced by her attending inauguration), but to not stand by when POTUS is doing things she sees as counter to her core values. That has been reflected in her Twitter and public remarks.

  • Clinton also plans to return to paid speaking. The Harry Walker Agency, her speakers’ bureau, has a page up inviting clients to ‘Book Hillary Rodham Clinton.'”

This unfortunate turn of events will soon lead to all out war among the political factions, should the New Fascists have their way.  By constantly attempting to anger and trivialize the right wing through force, the liberals are truly poking the bear at an unprecedented pace.  Their hate-filled rhetoric is no longer an acceptable means of political debate, and should be quickly neutralized before the entire malleable millennial population believes that violent resistance to a fairly elected official is part of the American experience.

Again, what these arrogant and ignorant leftists are attempting is a war of perception.  By creating the chaos that they pin to Donald Trump, they are controlling the narrative in ways that a more civilized breed of citizen would not.

We mustn’t give in to their demands for violence, but we also mustn’t allow the nation’s burgeoning conservative movement to be stifled or intimidated into obscurity.

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