Hillary Clinton Demanded Free Pass through Security Checks During Benghazi Hearing!

Why did Huma Abedin insist on no metal detector for Hillary even though it was standard procedure?

Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that Hillary Clinton had no metal detector to pass through to get to the Benghazi hearings. Breitbart reports,

Katherine Turner, law partner to Clinton’s personal lawyer David Kendall, writes to Abedin, Podesta, Kendall, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, and Heather Samuleson that Abedin successfully arranged for Clinton to skip the security line:

I spoke with Mac Toler re logistics:

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“1. He and Huma have made arrangements to do the advance walk-through tomorrow morning and work through entry/exit logistics. He did mention that the entrance plan would be that her car (and any cars with her) would pull up to the front entrance, Secretary Clinton herself would *not* have to go through metal detector/security, but all those arriving within her “from Mr. Kendall on down” would have to do so; he would have a dedicated security line cleared for us to expedite this. I didn’t comment on this other than to say that the details of entry are an aspect that he and Huma should work through tomorrow morning. He wanted to know arrival time for this; again, I deferred to you on that, Huma. [emphasis added]”

Abedin worried on a previous email that Secret Service would “fight with us” about that specific request:


“also USSS [Secret Service] will need to coordinate with Capitol hill security. i want to know in advance if they are going to fight with us about HRC going through a mag [walk-through metal detector].”

So the Clinton vanguard were insistent there be no metal detector for Hillary Clinton to walk through. They were prepared to “fight” over the issue?

I wonder if she was wired to get coaching as she answered questions.

But the other possibility is that this was related to her “pneumonia.”

It is already admitted that Hillary was wearing special equipment to deal with health problems at the hearing—her glasses. ABC News reported,

The thick glasses Hillary Clinton has been wearing in public since returning from a concussion and blood clot last month are the result of lingering effects of her health problems, a Clinton aide confirms.

“She’ll be wearing these glasses instead of her contacts for a period of time because of lingering issues stemming from her concussion,” said spokesman Philippe Reines. “With them on she sees just fine.”

During more than five hours of testimony before Congress Clinton could be seen wearing glasses that appeared to have a thick left lens with lines across it.

Reines did not specify what type of lens the secretary was wearing, but medical experts say a fresnel prism is common in cases like these. Fresnel prisms usually come in the form of a piece of thin, transparent plastic that can be adhered to existing lenses. The special grooves in these prisms change the way light enters the eye, making them useful in treating double vision.

So was there something else wrong with her that required special equipment that Clinton did not want anyone to know about?

This was back in 2015. There was no widespread talk then of Hillary having disqualifying health problems. But even then is was noticed that she was “hiding.” Jennifer Rubin concluded her Washington Post editorial in early 2015 by writing:

You would think Clinton would be anxious to share her wisdom with the country and to influence deeply consequential decisions that the next president will have to live with. If she is avoiding doing so because of her personal political ambitions, that would be rather self-indulgent, no? And if she does not want to upset the president or left-wing voters, how is she ever going to make tough decisions? Arguably, if she does not want to tell us her views or hasn’t decided which views play best, she really should not be the future commander in chief, many would agree.

The Democrats should be less concerned about fundraising and debate prep and more concerned about why Clinton is in hiding. Jeb Bush will be giving a major foreign policy address next week. Former Texas governor Rick Perry routinely writes and speaks on national security issues. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is among the leading voices in the Senate on issues ranging from Iran to the Islamic State to human rights. And yet, the former secretary of state, who is supposed to be the smartest woman on the planet and the most expert candidate on foreign policy, can manage only an occasional tweet. That should be deeply worrisome to Democrats.

Rubin assumes Hillary is hiding because of ideological issues but maybe it was health all along. Thus, no metal detector for Hillary. The Breitbart story mentions something that I hadn’t noticed before. In the now famous 9/11 video of Hillary being carried into her vehicle, a small object falls out of her pants leg at the 12 second mark.

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