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Who should Hillary Clinton Blame?

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Earlier today, Andrew brought you the story of Hillary Clinton’s madness. The woman who has lost more campaigns than she’s won continues to blame everyone but herself for her terrible performances and for her inability to win over the American people.

Tales from within the doomed campaign are emerging, and they are painting a sordid and depressing picture of Hillary behind the scenes.  In an excerpt from a new book revolving around her immense failure, authors and campaign insiders Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes lay out the dirt on the real Hillary.

Now Fox News pundit Kirsten Powers has more to add to the story as she expounds on the faultlessness of Hillary Clinton and on the need for the Democrat Party to move on without the Clinton family. While Clinton seems to enjoy blaming James Comey, WikiLeaks, the Russians, sexism, and (obviously) the vast right wing conspiracy… she should be blaming herself instead.

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Never in this equation is Hillary Clinton to blame for anything, and she was, after all, the candidate. There were outside forces that were affecting the campaign, no question, but there were a lot of things, I think related to her candidacy that were problematic. And I don’t think this helps Democrats, frankly, to be looking back at this. I think people want to move on and not seem like sour grapes. It makes the audience she was talking to happy. This was Women in the World, very liberal women, and I think it makes the base happy, but I don’t think it’s helpful overall.


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