Hillary Noise Machine Speech

Hillary Campaign Used Noise Machines to Block Reporters from Hearing This Speech [VIDEO]

The issue of transparency is rearing it’s ugly head once again. Former Secretary of State, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a private fundraiser in Colorado– and in keeping with her claims of ‘transparency’ — used white noise machines to drown out her remarks so reporters and the public outside couldn’t hear.

Colorado Peak Politics asks the pertinent question of the day: “What on earth could Hillary Clinton have been saying last night at a fundraiser at the Governor’s Mansion that was any worse than anything else she’s lied about said on the campaign trail?”

KCNC-TV reporter, Stan Bush, described the “static noise” machines pointed directly at the reporters across the street.

The machines starting running white noise after the bands stopped playing music and before Hillary began her fundraising speech.

And by contrast, Bush’s third tweet provides the audio of what it sounded like from his location after the static machines were turned off– music and voices are audible once again.

Clinton has repeatedly been criticized for not providing transcripts of speeches she’s given to her friends, Goldman Sachs, a point which rival Sen. [score]Bernard Sanders [/score] has often reiterated. It was later revealed that Clinton, who publicly criticizes Goldman Sachs, gave private, well-paid speeches in which she was “pretty glowing” and “sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

In other words, behind closed doors (or noise machines), she’s a very different candidate.

As Colorado Peak Politics reports, whatever was in her speech must have been some pretty good material.

“It must have been top secret,” they write, “just like those emails.”

Rusty Weiss is editor, writer for Mental Recession.

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