Hillary Blames Campaign Staff for “Pneumonia” Incident

When asked why her health was not addressed, Hillary blames campaign staff for being slow to act.

She will credit herself for any successes, but when problems arise Hillary blames campaign staff.

Of course, she is worried about keeping her story straight so she refuses to answer some questions about the timeline. According to the Washington Post,

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Rejoining her campaign on Thursday, Hillary Clinton twice declined to say whether her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), knew about her pneumonia when she was diagnosed last week.

The Democratic presidential nominee  was back on the trail after taking a three-day break to rest. Asked during a news conference about when Kaine was informed of her illness, she gave no details.

“My senior staff knew, and information was provided to a number of people,” Clinton said in response to the first question. She also repeated that she would be able to work through the sickness after being diagnosed on Friday.

I think it is very likely that Tim Kaine heard about the “pneumonia” after “the medical incident” when the excuse was devised. That’s probably when Hillary heard about it as well.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but there is no reason anyone should trust the Clinton Administration to tell the truth about her health. These are the same people who told us her coughing was due to allergies. The only fact that we can be sure of is that they spread lies about Hillary’s health

And don’t miss the propaganda value of these stories in the news cycle. By raising controversies about who knew about Hillary’s diagnosis or who is responsible for allowing Hillary to get “overheated,” serves the Clinton campaign’s interests. Saying that Hillary blames campaign staff for not dealing with her preumonia assumes that the pneumonia is the real factor that explains Hillary’s health problems. It allows the media to continue treating those who question Hillary’s health as “conspiracy theorists.”

The media needs to use indirect means to persuade people because otherwise the statement would be unbelievably outrageous. Before the incident, the media was insisting that Hillary’s health was fine, an admitted falsehood. They were engaged in an open conspiracy and the “conspiracy theorists” were right!

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