Hillary Clinton tax returns conservatives discouraged

Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Charity Herself, Tax Returns Show

The Hillary Clinton campaign released the Clintons’ tax return information Friday, which showed that out of the $10.6 million earned by the couple in 2015, they gave more than $1 million to charity.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Only thing is, 96 percent of that money went to one charity: the Clinton Family Foundation, a tax-exempt charity. (It’s separate from the Clinton Foundation that is currently being investigated by the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office.)

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You read that right. Not only did the Clintons take the tax deduction for donating a cool million bucks to charity, but they kept the million under their own control via the Clinton Family Foundation, which does not pay taxes on the “donation.”

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t that money laundering?

Or is this just another “phony scandal” that Hillary will get a pass on?

What the Clinton campaign wants you to get out of this week’s tax release is that Donald Trump is a bad guy who doesn’t pay taxes.

Hold on, let me explain.

The release of Clinton’s information, along with that of her running mate, Tim Kaine, was accompanied by a challenge to Trump to release his tax returns. The Democrats similarly harped on the tax returns of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

Trump has said his taxes are being audited by the IRS (surprise, surprise), and he won’t release them until that process is done, which makes sense because if the returns need to be amended, then releasing them before an audit is finished would mean releasing inaccurate information.

The Clinton campaign, of course, wants you to believe that there’s something nefarious going on (because there’s absolutely nothing nefarious involving a Clinton that the media should be telling voters about).

Within minutes of releasing her tax return, Clinton’s campaign tweeted, “Here’s a pretty incredible fact: There is a non-zero chance that Donald Trump isn’t paying *any* taxes.”

Take a moment to parse that. By saying “non-zero chance,” the campaign is not only saying there’s a chance, but using the odd phrasing to imply that there’s a considerable likelihood The Donald doesn’t pay his taxes, all while maintaining deniability that they’ve implied anything at all specific.

Consider another point: On the off chance the Clinton campaign actually knows something about Trump’s tax returns, that implies they would have had to violate federal law to get that information. (Another scandal brewing?)

The campaign has also put out the rumors that Trump isn’t really as wealthy as he says, and that he might even be broke.

You’re not supposed to notice that Hillary’s paying herself under the guise of charitable giving.

If it’s not criminal, it’s at least shady, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Democratic candidate.


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