Hillary Barks Like a Dog — Seriously

Hillary Clinton, who is in the midst of a campaign to persuade Americans that she is mentally, emotionally, spiritually capable of being the president of the United States, barked at Republicans during a campaign stop at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.

That’s right. Barked. Like a … well, look for yourself:

It must be something about being a Democrat that makes prominent politicians go insane in front of large audiences.

Something similar happened to Howard Dean in January 2004. Dean had been a promising candidate for the presidency, but his campaign folded overnight because at a campaign event he decided it would be great fun to scream like a chimpanzee.

Umpteen million sound bite playbacks and quite a few remixes later, he went home and watched the rest of the election from his armchair.

Before Dean, there was the tragic video tale of Michael Dukakis, who in 1988 looked like a little boy playing GI Joes when he rode in a tank to show how tough he was.

There was some sort of point to Hillary’s barking, something about Republicans, but come on … the woman who wants to be president barked in public like a lunatic. I suppose we should be thankful she didn’t wag her tail or start twerking like Miley Cyrus.

It would just be too funny if the Clinton bark (Hillary’s, not Bill’s) finally sent her home after surviving all of her (and her husband’s) scandals and the threat of federal indictment. (Really, who even considers voting for someone facing a possible indictment for breaching national security?)

I’ve already made this my ring tone. Now I think every GOP candidate should play Hillary’s sound bite at every campaign event. If that doesn’t make the point about the Left’s loose grip on sanity, nothing will.


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