Michael Flynn

More High Strangeness in Michael Flynn Case As Judge Decides…

Robert Mueller’s insane investigation into a democratic conspiracy theory is getting even weirder today as Michael Flynn’s plea deal heads to trial.

What began as a bizarre and unbelievable claim by the doomed democrats in 2016 has somehow become the focus of a Special Counsel investigation by Robert Mueller, in which the left claims that U.S. President Donald Trump is somehow a Kremlin-based double agent looking to sell American interests to the Russians from inside the White House.

In reality, of course, the only person selling the Russians anything nefarious was Hillary Clinton, as evidenced by her backdoor dealings during the Uranium One scandal.

Mueller wholly believed that he had made progress via his pathetic plea deal with Michael Flynn, but, as it turns out, that bit of prosecution may be a bit more complicated than anticipated.

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“The federal judge presiding over the FBI’s case against Michael Flynn recused himself from the case this week for unknown reasons.

“Judge Rudolph Contreras, who sits on the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., and was appointed by former President Barack Obama, recused himself from the case on Thursday, court filings show, Politico reported.

“Contreras was replaced by Judge Emmet Sullivan via random selection. Sullivan is an appointee of former President Bill Clinton and will now preside over the sentencing portion of the Flynn case.

“Contreras had previously scheduled both sides to report back to him on the status of their agreement by Feb. 1, but with the justice change, it’s not clear when the case will be resolved.

“The Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross noted that Contreras sits on the ultra-secret government Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which decides on requests to wiretap U.S. citizens and foreign spies. The court is specifically controversial because nearly all of its activity is highly classified. The court was the subject of controversy in 2013 after it was revealed it had been issuing general warrants to U.S. telecommunications companies for its metadata on an ongoing basis since 2006.”

Flynn’s deal was heralded by the leftist media as the “beginning of the end” for the Trump administration – a herald that Americans have heard time and time again throughout the duration of this nonsensical probe.

Truthfully, the Flynn plea deal was nothing more than a double nothing-burger, hold the cheese, and with this latest news of a mysterious recusal there is little reason to believe that this witch hunt will cook up anything else.

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