High School Cheerleaders Accused of Selling “Racist” Shirts. The Reason Why is Infuriating.

America is the greatest nation on earth.

There has never been another nation like ours, and up until maybe a decade or so ago, it was not controversial to be patriotic and express love for our nation.

Now let me ask you, when in the history of any other nation has it become more common than not for patriotism to be considered taboo?

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When did this happen? How have the enemies of liberty been so successful at convincing millions that patriotism is wrong, exclusionary, and dare I say, even racist? 

Pretty much every country has it’s patriots, and while there will certainly always be people on the fringes who criticize the culture or government or history of their native land, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable for the citizens of any nation to be patriotic.

And yet we stand, as the greatest nation on earth, ashamed of our own incredible country.

It’s astounding.

Case and point: a group of high school cheerleaders has been accused of the dreaded “racism” for selling patriotic shirts to raise money for their squad.

The message on the shirt isn’t terribly controversial…at least it wouldn’t have been a decade ago, save to a few curmudgeonly humanists.

Conservative Tribune has the story:

Cheerleaders at Dodge County High School in Eastman, Georgia, have come under fire for supposedly “racist” T-shirts they were selling to raise funds for the squad, according to WMAZ-TV in Macon.

The shirts in question read, “In Dodge County, we stand for the flag, kneel for the cross, that’s Indian pride.”

To most people, the shirt is simply a pro-flag, pro-Christian article of clothing. And it is.

But to others, like Eastman resident Deneen McLeod, the shirt is racist … for reasons.

McLeod told WMAZ-TV the shirt “stands for the hurt of black people getting killed, beat by police officers and getting off with it. So therefore, we as black people … to us, that’s what it looks like.”

This is exactly why the whole kneeling controversy is just that, controversial.

It has framed patriotism and respect for the flag as paying tribute to police brutality. With a single act, Colin Kaepernick has convinced millions that if you express patriotism, you’re automatically in favor of unjust police killings.

Conflating our flag with every unjust thing that has happened in our history is absolutely idiotic. Our justice system is certainly imperfect, but it is with the spirit of our founding philosophy that we could push back against any injustice, not because of it.

It is only because of the ideals of liberty, equality, and justice that our nation has inspired in the hearts of millions that anyone would object to the unjust treatment of criminals to begin with.

These anti-patriots would do well to observe the level of corruption and cronyism in nations like Russia, China, even our neighbor Mexico before the conflate the freest nation on earth with the sins of a handful of its police officers.

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