High School Bans Old Glory, Gets NASTY Surprise in Return

As the perversion of political correctness continues to sweep across our nation, it seems that no place is safe from the tawdry tentacles of the liberal elite.

The left has been mutating it’s own brand of political correctness in extreme new ways over the the course of the last few years, creating new words, phrases, and abbreviations to be used to ridicule those who aren’t familiar with them.  This is yet another way in which the liberals are dividing our nation between the “in” and “out” cliques that they so desire to create.  Just years ago, for examples, we had the LGB community.  Today, the shortest acceptable version of that denomination is LGBTQ, with several versions of the moniker lengthier still.

This is purely due to the left’s  need for overwhelming progression, and is meant to leave those who believe in equality in the dark for profiling purposes.  Don’t know the latest addendum to the pronoun game?  You must surely be a bigot and will be publicly scorned for you ignorance.  (In reality, you may just be someone who treats everyone equally, as outlined in our Constitution, but that’s unacceptable for the snowflakes).

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Now, it seems that the left has grown concerned about patriotism offending Americans as well; a bizarre and unfathomable play on the stupidity of the mainstream media’s coddled generation.  That’s why on Minnesota high school decided to ban the flying of any flag from student vehicles.

This ban included the Stars and Stripes…something that students of the Rocori School District were unable to abide by.

“The new rule entered into the student handbook this year said: ‘Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot,’ Fox News reported.

“Students, though, were unhappy with the all-encompassing ban because it also banned Old Glory. A large group of students gathered in protest this week to rally in the school parking lot with a parade of vehicles sporting American flags. The rally brought students and administrators together to reach a compromise.

 “After the flag rally, school administrators rescinded the flag ban in part agreeing that the U.S. flag would be permitted but that it will still ban flags that make students feel ‘threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe.’

“The administration issued a Facebook post alerting students to the new rule and insisting, ‘Students and school leaders fully agreed that celebration of our nation is desired, but disrespect is not acceptable or desired.’”

While our nation’s youth is often exploited for the inescapable naiveté of their age by liberal leaders, it seems that the kids of the Rocori district are growing into sensible adults despite the leftist influence.

In other parts of the country these sorts of anti-patriotism rules are being allowed to infect and fester – something that is absurdly disrespectful to those brave Americans who sacrifice it all on a daily basis to keep our nation safe.  Everyone could learn a lesson from the Rocori rally, if the left allows them to listen.

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