HHS Could Force Doctors to Do Procedures Against their Will

The idea of being forced to do something that you are morally opposed to is one that causes great distress. Especially if the immoral act you are compelled to do is work related. The idea that you could lose your ability to provide for yourself and your family frightens most people. It sounds like something right out of 80’s scientific thrillers.

But unfortunately, it is very real. And many doctors are afraid that it will cost them their livelihood.

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Christian News reports

Nearly 50 Congressional representatives have signed a letter to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expressing concern that its recently released rules might wrongly require doctors to perform puberty suppression, cross-hormone therapy or plastic surgery against their will, including on children.

“[T]his rule for the first time in history requires doctors to perform gender transition procedures or treatments on patients including children, even if the doctor believes the procedures could be harmful,” reads the correspondence, led by Congressman Joe Pitts, R-Pa. “Never before has the federal government forced doctors to choose between caring for their patients based on their best medical judgment, and complying with federal law.”

The thought of having to perform operations on people that you think is unwise, immoral, and unhealthy is a dangerous thing. We have to hope that while we await the day that our children will rid this country of such practices, that our politicians will protect doctors.

If not, the result could be the loss of our doctors.

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