Herman Cain: Liberals Attack Trump’s Tone because they Can’t Attack His Content!

Do me a favor. For just a second, think about what you’ve been hearing in the 2016 race for the White House. Can you think of any particular arguments that the liberals in the media or in the Democrat Party have made against Donald Trump based on his political ideas? Maybe they’ve mentioned the wall, or mass deportations… but those aren’t great issues for Hillary Clinton because she once argued for a wall along the border and for mass deportations too!

Are there any other issues that they’ve attacked Trump on? Nope. Instead they’ve attacked his character, his personality, his demeanor, and his tone. Why is that? Because they can’t attack him on his content, as Herman Cain explains below.

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The reason they attack his tone is because they can’t attack his content. And here’s the other thing that has Hillary and all the other Democrats upset. Donald Trump is taking his message about how the Democrats have deceived [African Americans] for decades directly to the black community. They are livid. Donald Trump will get criticized if he doesn’t go and talk to black people. He’s going to get criticized if he goes. Liberals don’t want him to go because Trump is going to tell black voters the truth. Donald Trump tells the truth. Hillary Clinton ignores the truth. All you have to do is look at the statistics and the black community has not benefited from liberal democrat policies in decades.

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