Here’s the Truth about Pizzagate, Now You Decide if it’s Fake News

The mainstream media has called the Pizzagate scandal “fake news.”  Alex Jones of Infowars believed it to be a set up to stifle free speech.  However, investigative journalist Ben Swann decided to put the pieces together of what is known and asks the question, is Pizzagate fake news or has it just not been officially investigated?

First, Jay Syrmopoulos gives us a brief background on what led to pieces of the scandal being put together.

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Initially, internet sleuths set out researching the Podesta emails to prove a pedophilia connection between convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein, and the Clintons. Bill Clinton is known to have traveled on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” without Secret Service protection on numerous occasions – a seemingly suspicious move given Epstein’s proclivity for sex with underage girls.

While there was never any “smoking gun” found regarding Epstein and the Clintons, the “Pizzagate” subreddit began after the strange use of code words was discovered in use in the Podesta emails, which were released by WikiLeaks. There is no mistaking the use of coded messages within the Podesta emails, but their meaning remains speculative.

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CBS’ Ben Swann decided to lay all the pieces out in a recent Reality Check so that people could decide for themselves whether or not Pizzagate is a legitimate scandal that should be investigated and those involved prosecuted.

Swann spent the last month investigating Pizzagate after an armed man entered the Pizza parlor at the center of the scandal and opened fire.

It has even been theorized that Andrew Breitbart may have known about Pizzagate long before it made headlines.

Take a look at this brief report from Ben Swann and while there doesn’t seem to be a smoking gun, Swann does find some interesting connections that surely support a lot of the reports that Pizzagate is not “fake news.”

Reality Check: Is Pizzagate “Fake News” or Has It Just Not Be…Reality Check: Is Pizzagate “Fake News” or Has It Just Not Been Officially Investigated? (Warning: Some of the info on this story may be disturbing) This video barely scratches the surface of all the information connected to Pizzagate.


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