Here’s the Real Reason Donna Brazile Wrote Her New Book

Over the past week, the contents of the new book “Hacks” written by former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile has received tons of press. While the elements of the book may be true (I have no reason to believe they aren’t) not covered is the reason for the book. Brazile claims its purpose is to tell her story. However, I would suggest the purpose of the book is to damage Hillary Clinton. Brazile’s book is coup d’etat—an overthrow of the Clinton machine which has ruled the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton became president in 1993.

I know what you are thinking, “what about Obama?”  Obama would have been a one-term president of it wasn’t for Bubba Clinton. In 2012 when Obama was trailing in his reelection bid, he turned to former President Bubba to turn his fortunes around not only in the campaigning department but in the fund-raising area also.

Since her election loss Hillary Clinton has been a constant media presence trying to explain all the reasons lost the election (my latest count is 30 excuses). Along with her blame game, at times Ms. Clinton has hinted she might run again in 2020. By drawing the coverage, Hillary’s been squeezing out other Democrats from receiving coverage.

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Enter Donna Brazile, whose book “Hacks” feeds the rumor her winning of the nomination wasn’t fair, claims that the campaign was incompetent,  had racist and misogynistic elements, and was too arrogant in its belief they had the election won to listen to advice that they were in trouble.

If Hillary Clinton’s book is named, “What Happened,” Brazile’s book could have been titled “What Really Happened.” Donna Brazile is a long-time Democratic Party operative who twice served as interim chairman of the party. She wouldn’t have written a book bashing Hillary Clinton if she wasn’t trying to free the party from the grasp of the Clinton machine.

Brazile’s book is perfectly passive aggressive. Once sentence would describe how much she wanted Hillary to win (because of the alternative and because she didn’t want to disappoint women) then she would launch into a section calling the campaign unethical or incompetent.

Perhaps the book’s biggest revelation gave weight to Bernie Sanders’ claim he was cheated out of the nomination. Brazile’ revelation described how the party made a deal with the devil–an “unethical” deal that “compromised the party’s integrity,” and gave Hillary an unfair advantage over Bernie Sanders.

Apparently, President Obama left the party $24 million in debt after the 2012 campaign and had been paying that off very slowly. Brazile claimed the party (under Debbie Wasserman Schultz), the Hillary Victory Fund, and Hillary for America signed a secret joint agreement that said, in exchange for the Hillary Campaign to raising money to help make the party solvent, Hillary would control the party’s personnel, finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”

A candidate usually takes over the party once they win the nomination, but this occurred a year prior to earning the nomination, which meant that during the heart of the primary process, the party decisions were made by the Clintons, which most probably were made to help the Clintons.

Brazile’s book “Hacks” describes the incompetence of the Clinton effort. As reported in the Washington Post…


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