A Glimpse of What It’s Like Living in a Texas Border Town [PHOTOS]

Screenshot of KRGV news report.

The seemingly sleepy town of Fronton, Texas, is actually a hotspot for illegal activity.


Screenshot of KRGV news report.
Screenshot of KRGV news report.

KRGV.com, Ch. 5, ABC News, reported on a recent U.S. Border Patrol capture of 102 illegals who crossed the Rio Grande river on rafts. Fondren is an area in Texas where neighbors claim they can hear gunfire across the border in Mexico. And, they’re used to border patrol activity.

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“There’s always Border Patrol and DPS,” a resident told KRGV.com. “We’re just used to it, but not used to people like that. We were really, really surprised.” The resident was referring to the border patrol’s recent roundup of 102 illegals crossing the border from Mexico. Seventy-three were men, 12 were women, and seven were children. Initially more than 80 crossed the Rio Grande River in rafts, and more joined them.

“We’ve seen guys on skis, driving back-and-forth along the river,” the resident told KRGV.com. “We can actually hear voices in traffic from the Mexican town on the other side.”

This capture, however, is out of the ordinary, despite the added surveillance. A border patrol agent said, “Unfortunately, 95 out of 100 crossing attempts are successful.”


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