Here’s the America Hillary Doesn’t Get

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There is a column in yesterday’s Washington Post editorial section entitled Here’s the America Trump doesn’t getGo and read it if you can stomach it on the day America may very well choose to surrender what truly makes us exceptional, as opposed to what the editorial pages of the Washington Post is publishing. The writer, a man named Fred Hiatt, sounds like a sincere, respectable gentleman. But just read the beginning of his post and understand that it’s in the context of supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

“I find myself thinking of a teenager I met many years ago in Siberia who was moved to tears after sitting for an exam to win a U.S.-sponsored study trip to the United States.

She didn’t yet know whether she had won or lost — but it was the first time she had ever felt she was competing for something on her merits, where bribes or connections to people in power would have no effect. That alone made her grateful and admiring of the United States.

She was seeing what, to me, is the real America.”

The truth is that America is about so much more than this guy can even begin to describe or understand. Our country is not made special by those individuals. That isn’t to say they’re not special or worthy of admiration for their merits, but other country’s have special people who have passions, charitable hearts, and who live decent lives under the conditions afforded to them.

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America is special because we chose the freedom of self-governance over the subjection of good governance. Our Constitution intentionally designs a federal government that is slow, inefficient, limited in power, divided in power, all things that we’re actively dismantling today in the name of ‘good government’. Even Republicans have grown drunk with power over the idea that we need them to effectively govern us in every aspect of our lives instead of those specifically outlined in the Constitution. That has only led to the same fate every other empire in the world has experienced because government is not the solution to a free and civil society. The only reason government should exist is to secure the rights of the individual. Of course this is the best way to describe the state of our union which is currently the opposite of ‘good’ government. We’re experiencing unfathomable levels of corruption and what would be called organized crime were it not being run by the law enforcers. The Constitution designed a government without the authority to foster such an environment.

That is not to say the Constitution can’t be changed when necessary. It can and it has been officially changed 27 times, but only by the state ratification process that pushes the decision making closer to the citizens and away from the central planners. What we have now is a judicial branch that effectively rewrites the Constitution (read: our individual rights) to mean whatever they want it to mean, and because of that it means nothing. What we have now is an unofficial fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, that answers only to the executive branch, issuing hundreds of thousands of regulations every year that the citizens must abide by or go to prison. I have no recourse with the IRS, the EPA, or what will soon be our national healthcare system. I have no representation there. I have no recourse. I’m a subject.

People like to say that we get the government we vote for, but that is becoming increasingly untrue. We didn’t vote for the nationalization of our healthcare industry, and it certainly wasn’t sold to its supporters on any element of truth and transparency. None of us voted for the borders to be opened up and allow millions of illegal immigrants from third world countries to settle here, enjoy our benefits at our expense, and in no way assimilate into our culture. Our society is being designed by a select few who most often use diabolical, nefarious methods of coercion to achieve their ends. Trump is right, it is a swamp in DC.

Donald Trump was not even my tenth choice for President, but the policies he is proposing increase my liberty tenfold compared to Hillary and her party.

Trump says he will repeal Obamacare, which is not only a bad law but a tyrannical, unconstitutional one. That isn’t hyperbole, it’s objectively true.

Trump says he will return our immigration system to a lawful one. Only in a horribly misguided country, void of truth and virtue, can the President abruptly stop enforcing immigration laws across the board, unilaterally change them by executive fiat, and chastise the opposing party nominee as a racist bigot for promising to return us to sound law and order. In other words, we’re opposing equal justice under the law.

Trump says he will champion school choice from the oval office, an issue often ignored that should be treated as the civil rights issue of our day. Hillary Clinton only supports tight, government restrictive decision making in the education system, leaving me with lower quality, no choice education options for my kid.

Trump says he’ll lower taxes. Our tax system is currently anything but fair, systematically and proportionately. The federal government is more than anything an institution that exists to confiscate the wealth of those who earn it and give to those who don’t.

On the issue of education, again, Hillary wants the government to start providing college education cost-free to students. That takes the decision making away from families and individuals and instead forces them to pay for someone else’s student to go to college. Such a system is not only immoral, it’s inefficient. It’s not an accident that as government get’s more into bed with the higher education system that the costs go up and the value of the degrees go down.

Donald Trump says he’ll oppose late term partial birth abortions. Hillary supports abortion on demand at any point in a pregnancy and refuses to argue the issue in a respectable, truthful manner. The issue isn’t about access to healthcare, it’s a debate of morality. It’s a debate about whether or not a woman has the right to end the life of her baby before birth for whatever reason she determines. No one in America is opposed to women receiving excellent healthcare. Not a single person. That is except Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton who are destroying the entire healthcare industry making less available and less affordable by the minute.

The federal government has set us up for failure as a nation. We’re a ticking time bomb given our debt, our endless spending and money printing, and our confiscatory taxation that will not last forever because the government obstructs the market place from producing and growing. They can sugar coat it all day long and tell us Trump is a ridiculous buffoon, but it doesn’t change who they are. Barrack, Hillary, their ilk running the Justice Department and all the rest, they’re tyrants. They are destroying the future of my kids and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

It is Hillary Clinton and her supporters who don’t understand America and who will destroy it for all of us. I hope they’re proud. Actually, scratch that, I hope they’re held responsible, in this life or the next.

God speed today, Donald.

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