Here is Why We should Keep them Separated

When the question of transgender restrooms first was asked, many thought that it was a ridiculous question. Many immediately knew the danger that would come with such a thing. But when they started mixing the dressing rooms, there was no doubt that there would be problems.

As I reported, Target has come out with a firm position to allow anyone in any bathroom and dressing rooms. And the question of safety was central to my article. Was Target opening up girls and women to assault or exploitation?

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Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Breitbart reports

A woman says she caught a man trying to record her undressing in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL, according to a Local 10 report.
Candace Brenn was trying on swimsuits in Forever 21 when she noticed the end of someone’s shoe from the room next door poking out. Something shiny on the edge of shoe then got her thinking.
“It’s nasty. It’s disgusting. I don’t understand why some people would do that,” Brenn told Local 10. “I glance down and I notice that it’s a camera lens on the top of this man’s shoe, and I really was just beside myself.”

Now, this man did not dress as a woman. But then again why would he? He was not forced to go to any certain dressing room. Men and woman’s dressing rooms have been mixed for years, but how often has this kind of thing happened? How many wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters have been violated that we have not even known?

What is it going to be like once we all use one big bathroom, like at Target? What are we exposing our children and wives to by accommodating a few perverts?

Time will tell.

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