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Hello, Kettle, It’s Pot: Bernie Sanders Declares Joe Lieberman Too “Extreme” for FBI

You would be hard pressed to find someone that the average American believes has more “extreme” views than Bernie Sanders.

The democratic socialist may have finally removed himself from the democratic party, easing back into his “independent” status in congress, but it seems that the one-time presidential candidate is still using his time with the democrats to temper his opinions of other politicians.

Sanders, who tussled with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 democratic primaries, was seen by many as a gravitational force to the left, dragging the former first lady to progressive waters in order for her to court his massive supporter base.  When that didn’t work, Clinton then decided to collude with the DNC to oust Sanders, but that’s an entirely different story.

Bernie is now taking his grassroots political infamy into the mainstream, frequently finding himself in front of television cameras in order to lambast and demean President Donald Trump.  Now, with Trump reportedly eyeing fellow independent and former democrat Joe Lieberman to take the vacant role of FBI director, Bernie is lashing out against Lieberman with an absurd claim.

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“For Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), former Senate colleague Joe Lieberman is an unacceptable choice to serve as the next FBI director.

“Lieberman’s views are too ‘extreme,’ according to Sanders, a self-identified democratic socialist.

“Lieberman’s name emerged on Thursday as the frontrunner to replace fired FBI Director James Comey. Since then, numerous Democrats, in and out of the Senate, have voiced their opposition to Lieberman. Critics have expressed concern about Lieberman’s lack of federal law enforcement experience, past partisan activity, and possible connections to President Trump through the law firm at which Lieberman currently works.

“Now, Sanders has joined the chorus. Tweeting on Friday afternoon, Sanders said that Lieberman failed to meet his bar because he would be ‘perceived as a political appointee.'”

Being labeled “politically extreme” by Bernie Sanders would either be extremely disconcerting, or, more likely, sidesplittingly hilarious.

This brings us to a terrifying new point of contention among democrats and their progressive colleagues:  Is anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton going to be considered “extreme” from here on out? Are the democrats going to lead their constituents to believe that moderates are now extreme, as they are less-left than the disgraced former first lady?


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