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More Heinous Racism in The Ranks of Black Lives Matter Hate Group


For years, Americans have endured the charade of equality that the Black Lives Matter hate group continues to parade around in, even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

The group, which began as a disorganized cacophony of racially motivated Americans who were seeking a generic and extremely vague version of justice, has finally focused their energy into a few ideals, not the least of which being an unfathomable hatred for the police in America.  Their disdain for law and order was so great that their rhetoric inspired the murder of 5 police officers in a domestic terror incident that occurred in Dallas, Texas in 2016.

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The other tenet that the group upholds is a massive and disgusting hatred of anyone who is not African American.  Obviously, the group’s focus is on the lives of black people in America, but their undying loyalty to the proposition of a new segregationist movement has been decried as not only racist, but rooted in pure bigotry and hatred.

As the group continues to evolve into a radicalized terror organization with extremely prejudiced policies, they have not only hijacked LGBT activists’ events, but they are now openly declaring that caucasians are not welcome at their functions.

“Black Lives Matter Philly banned white people from an upcoming event, claiming it is a ‘black only space.’

“The April 15 meeting plans to discuss projects and initiatives for the upcoming year and act as a place for people to ‘meet, strategize and organize.’ While children are invited to attend, white people are explicitly banned from the meeting, according to the Facebook event page.

“The group also referred to Malcolm X, saying he too had banned whites from his meetings on race.”

Simply put, this is unequivocal segregation and racism.  There is no other explanation for this race-based discrimination, and the fact that a group who claims to be working toward racial harmony would enact such a ban is unbelievable.

The Black Lives Matter movement has set race relations in this nation back nearly 60 years, and is on the verge of undoing the very fabric of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, by utilizing methods that King himself condemned during his time as the most iconic civil rights figure in American history.  The shame of Black Lives Matter is palpable, as they hide behind their phony ethos that includes the idea of equality among all Americans – something that is guaranteed to us in the Constitution of this great country.

Black Lives Matter:  You have blown your chance at being heard.  Your bigotry and hatred can no longer stand.  This aggressive action against your fellow Americans is no better than the segregated bathrooms and water fountains that American heroes such as Dr. King battled so hard against.

The shame of your organization has negated your intended impact.  It’s time to hang it up.


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