Have You Heard About Florida’s Pledge Waiver?

There are many things that we never thought that we would see. We never thought that we would have athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthems. We never thought that there would be sodomite unions being called marriage. But we always thought that there would be a pledge of allegiance.

Now, as all that symbolizes America and American value has come under fire, these things that were mainstays are going by the wayside. But, are we really surprised, when our flag is banned from a high school football game. Now, students can opt out of the pledge of allegiance.

Fox reports

At first Micah Brienen thought his sister-in-law’s text message was a joke.

It was a Pledge of Allegiance waiver from his niece’s public school in Tallahassee:

“I understand my rights as a parent and I request that my child, noted above, be excused from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This request includes standing and placing his/her right hand over his/her heart.”

His sister-in-law returned the form to the school with the following message: “This is the dumbest thing I have ever read and I am so ashamed of this.”

But before we start our bash the left session, this was not their idea or doing, this was the work of the GOP.

That’s right; the school was required by the Republican government of Florida to send these forms home with all their students.

Fox continues

“This is a response to a Florida law voted on by the Florida Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Scott,” said Chris Petley, the spokesman for Leon County Schools.

Specifically, he was referring to Florida Statue 1003.44. That law dictates “to all school districts in Florida that, ‘each student shall be informed by a written notice published in the student handbook or a similar publication pursuant to s. 1006.07(2) that the student has the right not to participate in reciting the pledge.”

I wonder why they would pass such a law?

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