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HEADS WILL ROLL! IG Report on Clinton Investigation Set to Drop!

Americans have been patiently waiting for someone, anyone to hold James Comey and his FBI accountable for their incredibly inexcusable mishandling of an investigation into Wicked Witch of The East Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, during her time as Secretary of State, employed the use of an illegal, immoral, and unsecured email server in what can only be presumed to be an attempt to evade the prying eyes of the government’s watchdog services.  Why would Clinton go to such absurd and complex lengths?  We thought that we may never know, after Clinton was caught deleting tens of thousands of emails from the server before it was finally turned over to the feds.

Then came Wikileaks, who weren’t able to recover these specific emails, but did publish a number of conversations occurring from within her 2016 presidential campaign that paint a rather grim picture of Clinton’s constant and incorrigible corruption.  If these emails are the ones that weren’t deleted, then the American people need to know immediately what was.

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Now, with the imminent release of the Investigator General’s report on the FBI handling of Clinton’s case, we may finally find the answers that we, as a nation, seek.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz informed lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill his much-anticipated report on the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation has entered the final stages.

Sources are saying the report on the FBI’s 7th floor under Comey’s Directorship is absolutely damning and “worse than expected.”

Horowitz report isn’t finalized yet; lawyers for the various people in the report are currently reviewing the report and preparing rebuttals.

Now, one investigative reporter is taking that news a step further.

Could we finally, after all these years, get the closure that We The People have been clamoring for in the Clinton-Comey collusion case?  One Twitter user had the perfect response to the news:


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