Are We Headed for Another Civil War?

The anti-Trump rhetoric continues and will for the foreseeable future. The Deep State traitors and backstabbing RINOs will resist and undermine Trump every chance they get. Big money from haters of America will continue to be used to foment unrest and pay agitators to attack free speech and those who march to oppose them and their ideology.

It’s a new day in America, and the words Civil War are once again frequently being spoken. But this time, while the looming civil war is again to preserve the heart and soul of our nation, it is not about secession or slavery.

This new Civil War, if it is to be fought, will not be on battlefields like those of the 1860’s. This will be a street fight that takes place in cities, towns and on the campuses of colleges and universities across the nation. This Civil War will be about ideology – Liberalism versus constitutional Conservatism.

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We conservatives – not Republicans, but conservatives – believe in smaller federal government, fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, secure borders, increased leadership, control and governance at the State level, and greater individual self-reliance and personal responsibility.

We can ratchet up these conservative calls for change, but as we’ve seen, regardless of our endless requests, the agents of change that currently represent us are and typically remain our current powerful, lifelong politicians. While we vote believing that our elected candidates will stand for our beliefs and wishes once they enter the US Congress and Senate, we are perpetually disappointed.

We should have learned by now that the great majority of people whom we elect based on their promises of shared ideals and beliefs are quickly bribed, cajoled, or threatened by big dollar lobbyists and forced to bend to their will.

Yes, we sent them to do the one thing they promised, to represent our voice and not their own financial futures. With few exceptions we see them quickly be coopted and corrupted by the Siren’s song of big money, reelection and promises of powerful appointments to key congressional committees.

At that point, they too become the useful idiots of the big money players, and whether purposefully, as the large majority of Democrats do, or as often happens to Republicans, even those with conservative values, they fold. They see others buckle under the constant pressure of major contributors, lobbyist’s donations for a particular piece of legislation, quid pro quo legislative deals with other weaklings or threats of being made irrelevant by their leaders Congress. These leaders are the lifelong players who have typically become the bought and paid for senior members of our political ruling class.

These members of the “DC Swamp” are a major contributing factor to the events that are leading our nation up to the brink of what many see as coming second Civil War.

Are the members of Congress so disconnected by the false reality of Washington, which is a microcosm only of itself, that they fail to see or care that their DC reality is not reflective of that of the majority of the nation’s voters outside of New York, California, Illinois and typically, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Leftists, Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, Communists and the useful idiots like many politicians and mercenary street thugs who follow them are helping to execute their rebellion under the false belief that an all-powerful central federal government is the optimum choice for providing us with all of our needs.

While not one of the members of this ship of fools can point to a single nation that has thrived and sustained what was promised as a Socialist or Communist country, it appears that they have chosen to believe that this time, under their “rule” that it will be different. They want us to trust them and like sheep, quietly accept being ruled allowing them to decide what they believe is best for us to satisfy our wants and needs, our children’s upbringing, the educational and healthcare systems, our industry, and every other aspect of our lives.

These anarchists and haters of America do not believe in Free Market, individualism or entrepreneurship. They believe that it’s unfair for an American who studies and works to pay for and complete his/her education to succeed beyond their peers. They refuse to accept that when a person works hard to become successful and perhaps wealthy that s/he has a right to retain and enjoy the fruits of that labor. They don’t want equal opportunity; they want equal outcomes irrespective of the effort put in to achieve the outcome.

Today’s Liberal theme is the promise of equal outcomes and with that equality for the poor, uneducated and ill-prepared. In their world, those who do nothing will be as well off as those that paid the price to achieve their success. The haters of America are doing a very good job of selling to their useful idiot followers the promise of a better life at the expense of destroying those they call “rich.”

How ignorant do you have to be to realize that these same people selling you this lie of a utopian existence and class equality for everyone never consider themselves part the “your” class of people, and for them equality has a very different meaning?

If you haven’t yet read George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, you would do well to note what the ruling class in that novella thought was the best definition of equality: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

It will soon be your choice. You may choose to stand up for America today, wait and see if the second Civil War breaks out and choose to fight of acquiesce, or if the haters of America win, do your best to adapt to the new reality of what they decide equality will mean for all of us.

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