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Head of DHS Says We “Wouldn’t Leave Our House” Knowing What He Knows

The world has always been an intimidating place, but given the surge in radical Islamic terrorism in recent years, it’s downright horrifying.

Just this week we were faced with yet another horrific cut of carnage, slashing through the relative peace and tranquility of a young crowd of concertgoers.  A suicide bombing in Manchester, England after a performance by American teeny-bopper pop star Ariana Grande left nearly thirty dead and hundreds injured.  ISIS of course came forward to claim the attack, which had all the signatures of a radical Islamic operative:  Screws and debris within the device, a terror network identified and arrested shortly thereafter, and the targeting of innocent young women who are certainly not of the Muslim faith.  It’s enough to turn the stomachs of the average human being.

John Kelly, however, ins’t an average human being.  As director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Kelly is eyeballs deep in this variety of vile violence everyday.  The man must wade into the muck and the filth of the radicalized and militant in order to devise clever new ways to keep Americans safe.  What he has to say on the subject may be even more terrifying than the terrorists “losers” themselves.

“Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday said the terror threat is worse than most realize, saying some people would ‘never leave the house’ if they knew the truth.

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“’I was telling [Fox host] Steve [Doocy] on the way in here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,’ Kelly said on ‘Fox & Friends.’

“’It’s everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop. The good news for us in America is we have amazing people protecting us every day. But it can happen here almost anytime.'”

Kelly’s comments display for all the terrible truth of radicalization of Islamic jihadists:  Without massive, brutal military action near the head of the serpent, the body will continue to slither forth into darker and harder to reach holes.


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