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HBO Defends Free Speech in Fight Over Upcoming Civil War Drama

Somewhere along the line, liberal social justice “warriors” decided that history should be reworked as to not offend anyone.

In reality, this absurd stance is merely a small part in the leftist dream to rewrite the First Amendment to include new rules about what can actually be said without consequence.

For the time being, however, social justice warriors will simply try the offenders in the court of public opinion, utilizing shame as their most effective weapon.

When you mix in a heaping dose of political correctness, the stench of censorship becomes almost unbearable for those of us who still value the Constitution.

In particular, liberal groups have been targeting the Confederacy of the U.S. Civil War in their fascism-driven campaign to revise American history along these new lines.

When mass murderer Dylann Roof was seen wearing a Confederate Flag patch in a photograph from long before his atrocious deed, the left finally had the scapegoat they required to push forward.  Soon, Roof’s racially motivated crimes were somehow synonymous with the Confederate Army, a non-racist organization of mostly southern men who sacrificed it all in the mid 1800’s in order to protect the concept of states’ rights during Manifest Destiny.

This false connection then allowed the left to pressure retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to removed Confederate merchandise from their stores.

Soon, municipalities were following suit, tearing monuments and remembrances from the ground and leaving our nation’s youth susceptible to repeating history by refusing to acknowledge it.

Now, as HBO prepares to tackle the time period of the Civil War in a future drama series, these same liberal snowflakes are crying foul, as the exposure by the stunningly successful network will undo all the work they’ve done to censor the past.

HBO, not one to back down from a fight, had some choice words for the history revisionists.

“HBO programming president Casey Bloys used his time in front of the press Wednesday to defend the premium cable network’s decision to move forward with its controversial slave drama Confederate.

“‘File this under hindsight is 20-20. … The idea that we would be able to announce an idea that is so sensitive, and requires such care and thought on the part of the producers, in a press release was misguided on our part,’ Bloys told reporters Wednesday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

He said that if he could do the announcement over again, he would have had all four producers sit down with journalists to share the idea and why they are passionate about it as opposed to simply issuing a press release.

“‘We assumed it’d be controversial. I think we could have done a better job with the press rollout. … What we realized in retrospect is people don’t have the benefit of having the context of the conversations with the producers that we had.’

“‘The bet for us is on our talent … that they’re going to be the difference,’ Bloys added. ‘We’re going to stand behind them. The hope is that [viewers] judge the actual material versus what it might be. … We will rise or fall based on quality of the material.'”

Thankfully, at least one entertainment network is standing behind their right to free speech.

HBO, who regrettably employs Bill Maher, has a long history of tackling tough subjects both in documentary and drama form.  Given the talent available to the network, there is little doubt that Confederate will be a thought-provoking piece — if the left’s army of New Fascists don’t get to it first.

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