HB2 May Finally Be Out of Limbo After Late Night Deal Is Struck


North Carolina has been the target of a vicious attack by liberal organizations in recent months, due to the conservative leanings of a law known as HB2.

HB2 provided for the safety and privacy of Americans in government-asocitated restrooms in the state of North Carolina by requiring that men and women only use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological anatomy.  It first appeared as a response to former President Barack Obama’s bizarre and unnatural decree that public restrooms would be open to anyone of any gender at any time, solely to protect the emotions of the transgendered community.  Legislators in North Carolina took particular umbrage to the fact that Obama’s order would be implemented through public institutions, including schools, in which children could be easily victimized by those wishing to do them harm.

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Of course, fringe liberal groups were up in arms regarding the law, claiming that the emotions of a transgendered person should far outweigh the safety of America’s youth.  In the wake of HB2’s passage, a slew of leftist agitators began pushing for boycotts of North Carolina as a whole, shaming organizations who refused to participate.

In that shame-fest, the NCAA was front and center.  While normally busy organizing, promoting, and ensuring the safety of student athletes all over the country, the NCAA decided it was time to foolishly jump into the world of political sexism, most likely at the behest of leftist agitators.  When the sport-centric entity announced that it would bar North Carolina from hosting any collegiate level championships for the foreseeable future if HB2 stood as written, lawmakers got to work.

“North Carolina lawmakers struck a deal late Wednesday to repeal the highly controversial so-called ‘bathroom bill.’

“However, LGBT advocates are still unhappy because Republicans are not flatly repealing House Bill 2, which prevented local governments from requiring private businesses to have transgender bathrooms and ensured the use of public facilities would be tied to biological sex. Instead, the legislators are replacing it with a new law.

“The new bill would keep government bathroom regulations a function of the state to ensure ‘women and girls should not have to share bathrooms with men,’ according to North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R) and state Senate leader Phil Berger (R). The proposal also puts a temporary moratorium on local governments, barring them from trying to pass ordinances mandating private companies to provide transgender restroom accommodations until December 2020, The Associated Press reported.

“The new legislation, which will be debated and voted on Thursday, would return North Carolina to the laws on the books prior to a controversial Charlotte ordinance, which was approved in February 2016 and required businesses to provide accommodations for transgender people and mandated they be allowed to use either the men’s or women’s restroom, depending on their gender identity.”

North Carolina stood to lose over $3.5 billion over the next dozen years as these boycotts played out.


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